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Ninboy Exe
FreqMod Clear&Artistic

Fonts by freqmodn 4 comments

This font is really cool, and match perfectly with the new Ubuntu loading-screen. This is now my defaults system font, but it lacks all Spanish specific chars, like áéíóú or ÁÉÍÓÚ... Or even the really-critic ñ and Ñ...

Could you please add them to the font? thanks! - Mar 11 2010
New Wave GDM

GDM Themes by dilomo 22 comments

This login window is amazing! Really good job guys.

Is there a chance that this theme have a list of users? I think it's called a "Browser"... I have 6 noob users in my home, and making them to type the username it's a nightmare, believe me. It would be cool if they get a list like in the default Human Lit GDM, or Avio GDM...

Thank you very much anyway! - Aug 28 2008