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by ninez
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Oct 03 2011
well, in case you hadn't noticed this theme hasn't even been updated to work properly with gnome 3.4

i have no plans of maintaining it anymore and have moved on to a new theme, that i don't even plan on releasing - the reason being, i am a busy person and don't have the time to fix other peoples issues. ie: i won't be installing eclipse, nor updating this theme to test your issue.

sorry, but i just don't have the time/interest.
- May 22 2012
I'll look into this.

I don't use libre office, so i'll have to install it and take a look.

...and hey, if you really like the theme, and want to have a stab at fixing some of the issues you see, i am more than willing to integrate any changes into the theme, if they are helpful to users. - i say this, because i am fairly busy as of late.

cheerz - Dec 21 2011
Hey, I'm in the middle of doing some work on marples. Hopefully, i can put up a new release some time tonight.

I've also reworked Blapple, and am uploading the new gtk3.2 version :) - Oct 05 2011
thanks again, for pointing those out. I've fixed both issues, and also uploaded the fixed version... if you notice anything else, or have any input or anything to contribute again - feel free ;)

i appreciate the help, as i'm really new to theming, and i want this theme to work well for everybody. - so it helps, when others notice problems, and have a solution. - Aug 31 2011
thanks, i'll fix that when i am at home.

as fore blank.png - it should be there, but it's likely possible that i accidentally moved it, as i have a couple themes sharing that file. i probably moved it instead of copying it. that's easy enough to fix :) - Aug 31 2011
ya, i already figured out the gtk2 menubar thing.

I'm gonna post an update on Marples in the next day or two, i made another theme called Blapple, from which i can merge the menubar fix, and a few other tweaks / fiexes over to Marples :)

- Aug 29 2011
thank you :)
- Aug 28 2011
hey, i was thinking - if you are looking for something to contribute to match gtk3 and gtk2 - I am not very good with gtk2 - if you can ifgure out how to get gtk2's menubar to perfectly match gtk3 - i would be stoked :) I am also having this issue with my new theme.

oh, and post a link to your latest revisions, i'd love to have a look :) - Aug 27 2011
i see. lol. ya, i'm working on it. But not all things look the same between gtk2 vs. gtk3. so it's tricky, sometimes.

oh, and i also have a new theme. it's not uploaded yet, it's a remix of marples (it's fairly different though). i have a few bugs to work out then i am going to upload it ;) - Aug 27 2011
why try to get rid of gtk2?? so many applications (the majority of gtk apps) require gtk2 to work.

but ya, feel free to post a link/pictures of your theme ;) - Aug 25 2011
thanks :) - Aug 24 2011
thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated and i am glad that you like it.

about the web colors problem, if you are using Firefox, i have given 'rough' instructions above on how to deal with that. I don't use Chrome, but i would assume it either doesn't do that, or can be fixed in a similar manner.

youtube, Phoronix,, etc can easily be fixed. the problem is that your browser is using your theme colors by default, but you can stop it from doing that, or put in your own custom color scheme.

none of these websites, have 'black-text'boxes' or any of that crap on my machines :) - Aug 23 2011
no problem :) - Aug 19 2011
ya, i figured as much ;) I knew this issue was going to crop up for some people, so i preempted it...

it should only take you a minute or two to adjust things, i don't remember which ones off-hand, but they change in 'realtime' ~ so that's why i suggested opening youtube (and/or other websites) in other tabs to make sure it looks how you like.

cheerz - Aug 19 2011
if that is the case, do as i suggest. (modify your colors in about:config) My Firefox is using all of the proper colors, text input fields are white, text is black, etc... they all look proper. :)

there have always been these kinds of issues with firefox using really dark themes, but it's not hard to fix (thankfully)

- Aug 19 2011
thank you :)

I'm slowly chipping away, until i can deem it perfect (

take care - Aug 18 2011
ya, i just wish i could get the grip to appear properly in gtk3. however, not really seeing the grip isn't to bad either. In gimp (gtk2) you can see it though (it's actually my signature).

about GS/mutter. unfortunately, Gnome-Shell is mutter only. the compiz developer tried to work with the gnome-devs, but they weren't into it. Gnome-Shell is alright, but it is feature lacking, and i hate dynamic workspaces. compiz gives me a lot more control over my desktop than GS/mutter ever will (i may be biased as a tablet user). lol

you'll have to checkout the latest revisions when you get home ~ i've changed the buttons. i'm getting rid of the Adwaita style buttons, and replacing them with buttons that match my theme. ;) - Aug 16 2011
cool, i had experimented with some similar dark pixmaps for the background.

Malys did a good job on setting up a pixmap theme, although, i am starting to add more, especially in gtk3 (such as the sliders/ranges/gtkswitch).

in compiz you will get rgba ~ but only a few apps, it's not universal, if you figure out a way around that, make sure you post it, please :)

the trick so far, is that your background, must have transparency. but remember - it's mainly gnome-system-monitor and terminal that will show it. i still haven't been able to get it to do more than that. (but i'm no theming genius). lol - Aug 15 2011
ya, something weird happened on gnome-look. i lost 2-300 downloads over night, it seems maybe the site was rolled back a couple of days. weird.

have you checked out the update with the new gtkswitch / slider buttons / ranges ?

i've also slimmed down gtk2 to match gtk3 more ;) - Aug 15 2011
thanks man,

I've been working on it last night / today for a while. probably will update it again, before tomorrow :)

cheerz - Aug 13 2011
I will add that link to the description, when i am at home.

glad you like the theme.

I'm gonna try to work on it again tonight, after I jam (band practice). - Aug 11 2011
hey, thanks :)

i appreciate that. i still have a lot of work to do on the theme ~ some of which is very time-consuming, but it'll be finished soon hopefully.

cheerz - Aug 10 2011
ya i thought so, it's just the one color i am having trouble finding... i'm sure i'll figure it out.'s the pink text in the menu, where you have the command key ... like;

cut *Ctrl-X*

i'm sure with enough digging i will find it. (im looking for the gtk3 one) - Aug 05 2011
sorry dude, first theme i have ever posted. I don't know if you noticed by i also have edited this, to show a link to the original theme and naming you as it's author ~ i hope that is okay.

one question for you though, if you don't mind?

the pink / peachy color in the menus, where is it defined?? and/or what is the html color code for that color?? (i'm having trouble tracking it down) - Aug 05 2011
well, i would have assumed it is perfectly okay to modify the theme, being as your themes are GPL and all. ~

sorry, if you don't like it. i like your themes, hence why i started to modify it, i nthe first place ;)

- Aug 05 2011
yes that is real rgba, the background image is rgba and certain widgets / application windows will show transparency :)

i just haven't figured out how to have all of the windows do that. - Aug 05 2011

GTK3 Themes 24 comments

by ninez
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Oct 20 2011
If you want to upload a picture, use a service like ompldr;

simply take a screenshot, upload it, then copy the image address and then post it ;)

I'd be interested in seeing your changes, maybe they might be worth integrating?

cheerz - Dec 21 2011
zooming in and out, always produces that effect. it doesn't have anything to do with the color, itself.

question: is the background color in software center determined by the theme, or is it always that grey?

Also, i will get around to testing this theme with ubuntu, but not for a few more days.

That being said, i believe that the text color it is using is defined in gtk.css (there are 2 'text' entries, if you search in gedit - the color it is probably sourcing is #cfcfcf ... if it's not that one, than it is probably one of the text colors in gtk-widgets.css, most likely one that says something similar to #cfcfcf, or possibly #ccc ...

anyways, i'm just giving you these tips, in case you want to test it out, for yourself. All that you would need to do, is open either file (as admin/sudo) change the text color you might think it is, save the file. close software center, and then reopen it, if the color is the same as before, simply change/undo the color you changed and move onto the next potential text color.

anyways, as soon as i find a bit of time (weekend?), then i will have a look at it, running Ubuntu 11.10 in vmware.
- Nov 09 2011
Okay, that doesn't look as broken as i had originally thought. So, it's the off-white grey text that is the problem (other than that it looks pretty good).

I'm going to see if i can get the software-store to compile (on a non-ubuntu system). i don't care it if works properly, i just need to figure out which text color it is using.

I'll get back to you on this, later.

you could also try searching for text in gtk-widgets.css, and test them one by one there isn't a whole lot of different text colors, it may be easy to find. (i'm also almost positive, that text color is defined in gtk-widgets.css, and that you can't find the exact value because it isn't defined that way, for that particular color, it most likely some value with a decimal (float), so it's more like a percentage of color, than than a fixed color code). - Nov 09 2011
hmmmm... Well, that maybe entirely true, i wouldn't know - i do not use Ubuntu. That being said, if that is the case - you could probably fairly easily fix it.

the colors are defined in;


i believe that software center is a gtk3 app? if so, then you need to look at the colors in gtk.css && gtk-widgets.css

to find out what the problematic colors are, use an app like gpick (which allows you to sample colors from your desktop). then you can search through the files where colors are defined (using the html color code, ie: #2223456).

you should be able to find the colors, that way and be able to correct them.

I don't have time right now to be setting up ubuntu, and doing this myself, but if you want to have a stab at it, and are able to fix the issue(s), i would upload the revised version.

also, could you be more specific about how it looks, or upload a picture so i can have a look? - Nov 08 2011
nah, you obviously didn't. this isn't rocket since, it is compiling a very simple application.
...and no i do not need you to post your terminal output. you're not paying attention or doing something wrong.

after using git, you should have a folder called /gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3

have a look inside of that folder, there will be a script called - you need to be inside of this folder to execute, after the script has been run (it'll take a second to create all of the files for compilation), then you should see a file called 'configure' that was created by

you should then be able to run ./configure (again from within the /gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3 folder.

if you can't figure this out yourself, don't expect me to fix it for you. This is a very simple task, that is not hard to do.

I can tell you right now, you are doing something wrong, because as i write this message, i just went through all of the steps and compiled gnome-system-monitor without a single problem, and it took less than a minute to do.

try again, and pay attention to what you are doing, if you half to, have nautilus open and make sure you are in the right folder, and that the files are created as you execute the scripts.

lots of people have installed this version, without a problem. - Oct 22 2011
did you first download the sources using 'git', and then execute ./ from within the /gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3 folder?!?!?

HINT: creates the 'configure' script.

i am going to assume, that you did not, otherwise you wouldn't have this problem.


PS: i'll be updating system-monitor to 3.2 very shortly, i've just been really busy since Gnome 3.2 was released (however, 3.1.92 is pretty much the same thing) - Oct 22 2011
did you first download the sources using 'git', and then execute ./ from within the /gnome-system-monitor-blackgtk3 folder?!?!?

HINT: creates the 'configure' script.

i am going to assume, that you did not, otherwise you wouldn't have this problem.


PS: i'll be updating system-monitor to 3.2 very shortly, i've just been really busy since Gnome 3.2 was released (however, 3.1.92 is pretty much the same thing) - Oct 22 2011
you guessed wrong.

I explain that you must have 'git' installed, git is used to download the source code. So after you run;

git clone git:// can run ./ from within the downloaded folder. - Oct 21 2011
if that is what you want to do, just open the gtk-widgets.css .(for gtk3)..

look under 'scrollbar', copy the 'prelight' color (blue) and put it under normal/default color (i forget what it is called off hand).

selected color is somewhere in there too.

for gtk2, the scrollbar is a pixmap. so all you'd have to do is replace the normal scrollbar pixmap with the prelight (blue) one.

it's really simple to do. - Oct 17 2011
Thanks :)

I was using my other theme Marples-black, for the longest time - but now i am using Blapple, as it looks wicked with all of my multimedia applications.

I'm glad you are liking my themes

cheerz - Oct 17 2011

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Oct 26 2011
great job on the your dark theme ;) - Oct 20 2011

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by marps

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Aug 31 2011
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