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by NiQ
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Jun 17 2007
- Version fixes session management
- Hide in tray with key combination for closing window or Escape (in If Qalculate! is already running the qalculate-kde will show and activate the window, so you can assign a key combination to the Qalculate! menu item.
- The third wish will have to wait for the next release of libqalculate. - Mar 24 2006
done. - Mar 24 2006

just do
emerge qalculate-kde
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge qalculate-kde
to get the much improved 0.8.1 version - Sep 22 2005
In the screenshot, the window title font is "Script MT Bold" and the menu font is "Copperplate Gothic Light" (both unfortunately commercial fonts included in ms office). On the desktop "French Script MT" is used and the rest is "Bitstream Charter" (Type1). - Jun 11 2005
I have uploaded a fixed tarball replacing the old.

The email will arrive sooner or later. seems to have a bit too much downtime and I have now changed my e-mail address on - Jun 11 2005
can you please also post config.log (in a bug or directly to me). how did you solve/bypass it? - Jun 03 2005
oops. I'm sorry. I see now that the problem was in the other direction (std::string -> QString). Can please post the error messages. - Jun 03 2005
I'm a bit confused with QString and std::string. I used QString::ascii() for conversion but I sometimes forgot it and it worked anyway (in some cases). I guess I should go through the code and make sure that I use QString::ascii() everywhere.

I expect there will be lots of problems in this first version that soon will be fixed. - Jun 03 2005

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

by NiQ
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Oct 20 2004
That is the GoodWeather gDesklet display ( - Jan 27 2005
The wm is FVWM ( and the calculator is Qalculate! (, developed by me. For more information about the desktop screenshot see - Nov 11 2004