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Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
After some testing I've confirmed that this is due to the Nvidia proprietary driver. Using the free nv driver I get completely different results with the shiki themes(murrine engine) showing a performance regression with some widgets and this engine showing a major performance improvement in the more affected widgets, with both engines now having roughly the same benchmark results.

If anyone knows any xorg settings to fix this in the proprietary drivers please PM me. - Sep 23 2010
And BTW you DO know that this is and not and that this is a GTK2 theme engine and not a Ubuntu theme right?

sry just couldn't resist venting this. - Sep 13 2010
>If there are no actual issues with performance, this is, IMHO, perfectly pointless... Who cares (except you, IK).

But THERE ARE ACTUAL ISSUES with performance as I mentioned in the first post.

>But, as already mentioned, why wasting time into something, which does not actually affect anybody? I'm using this engine
>on Nvidia (w/ Nvidia drivers) and on a pretty weak lappy with Intel 915. And I don't see any performance issues
>in comparison to current Ubuntu Light themes or Elementary.

So the world revolves around you heh? Leave the fanboi attitude at the door please. I found an issue with this engine and I am reporting it so no, it's not wasting time

>But I do like Equinox much better, so thanks tiheum (and also for the excellent Faenza icons...)

Yes I like Equinox too but if it is unusable to me, it's meaningless. That is why I am reporting this, so the next time try not to force your opinion on other people and waste everyone's time. - Sep 13 2010
I'm positive. Maybe it's this specific GPU model idk. Compiz doesn't handle animations very smoothly and Gnome Shell is even worse.

But that's beyond the point. The point is that this engine is extremely slow rendering several widgets in comparison to other engines(in certain cases an order of magnitude slower). Is there any technical reason for this? Can't this be optimized? Murrine produces widgets in a similar style as this but still manages to be fast, and Aurora, the engine in which this is based, still manages t be faster but not by much.

Also the scrollbars while a little better looking than Aurora's, still look ugly. - Sep 11 2010
This engine really needs some performance optimizing. It manages to even beat the aurora engine in slowness!

Check for the results of gtkperf.

I'm all for eye-candy and this is probably the best looking theme around for now but seriously the performance issues really kill its usability.

Here are some concrete examples:

In firefox the time elapsed from when clicking a tab and the tab actually changing is around 2 seconds.

Installing a big software package can take about an hour as opposed to a few minutes with almost any other engine(this particular case has happened before with murrineSVN but is now fixed) and is related to the progress bar poor performance.

I would really love to see this performance issues resolved as I really like this theme but for now I can't really use it.

My configuration is the following:

Intel Core2Duo 2GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS

running metacity with compositing enabled and the latest nvidia proprietary drivers. - Sep 10 2010
A New Start

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Dec 09 2011
If you dislike GTK so much then create something better. Until then keep your opinion for yourself. But then again trolls will be trolls...

As for this theme it looks better than any "preview" you have ever released. - Sep 01 2010

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Mar 16 2010
The download link is broken because ":" is missing after "http" - Mar 21 2010

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Feb 05 2010
As you can see in the following screenshot there are still some improvements that could be made to the menu.

On a side note you could use the murrine engine to render the listview as it can provide a nice gradient. - Oct 04 2009
That and the distorted lines. - Oct 02 2009
I don't. That's what i meant. And I can't seem to find a widescreen version anywhere. And if the author is trying to be as faithful as possible to the original I see no point in making a distorted version. Therefore the wallpaper is being scaled. But then again that's only my guess. - Oct 02 2009
Could the menu be done like this - Oct 01 2009
Does this answer your question? - Oct 01 2009
Not too fond of the taskbar button shape(too stretched/doesn't feel right) and the menu left border bar makes it more difficult to quickly distinguish the icons(IMHO makes more sense without menu icons enabled and in that case only if it isn't covered by text).
Other than that it looks awesome but like all the pixmap themes I'm guessing the progressbars initially will be shown with a 90 degree rotation. - Sep 29 2009

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by metak
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Sep 08 2009
Can you make a metacity theme for those of us who don't use emerald? - May 23 2009

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May 17 2009
Just forgot to add to retry to login to your account and see if the problem is solved. If not you can safely remove the following directories in your userdir because they are just desktop config related: .gconf, .gnome2 and/or .config - May 18 2009
I don't know what you mean when you say you lost the desktop because of the theme but if it happens again next time try to do the following:

1. cd /home/username/.gconf/desktop/gnome/interface

2. open the file named %gconf.xml in that directory

3. Locate the following section:

<entry name="gtk_theme" mtime="1242631142" type="string">

and change the name between the "stringvalue" tag to a working theme.
- May 18 2009

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Apr 22 2008
What icon theme is that? - Apr 22 2008

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Apr 08 2008
it fixes some sites(at least gnome-look) but not all.
here are some screencaps: - Apr 10 2008
How can i prevent firefox's browsing area from aplying the default theme color schemes(specially the grey background and font colors)?
Check or even the BBCode help window right here. - Apr 10 2008

GTK2 Themes
by jameshardy88

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Oct 01 2009