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Dec 06 2017
Got it! Thank you for the input. I was working on a whole dark version to be seperate from the standard one. Now that I know you are only after it for certain apps, I will focus on adding the gtk-dark files to the standard theme. I am going to consolidate the theme by getting rid of the non-compact version since there is little difference anyway. This will allow me more time to focus on the dark version instead of putting in double effort to push changes to both versions. I also have some improvements ready for the shell theme as well as the new Icon theme that matches. I hate to do it again, but I will be renaming the theme during this next release as well since it seems not many people know the word Afflatus, even in the Latin language it's a pretty obscure word. I am working on this between actual work, lol, so please be patient but expect an update by the end of the weekend. - Dec 06 2017
It's no bother at all, I love to see comments here! I can add the dark variant today, it just doesn't look right to me. Can you tell me what you expect form the dark variant and maybe give me some better ideas of what it should look like? - Dec 06 2017
No problem, thanks for the kind words about my theme. I recolored the Pop!_OS icon theme today to match and it turned out wonderful! I will be publishing that hopefully tomorrow, just need to change a few things and make sure I comply with the license. I really recommend Gnome over Cinnamon, If you like the set up of Cinnamon better I'd recommend you grab the Dash to Panel extension and check out Arc Menu. Both can easily be installed from the Gnome Shell Extensions website and configured with the Gnome-Tweak-Tool. - Dec 04 2017
I looked into it briefly, looks like I will essentially have to make a whole new theme for Mint, it is not as simple as making some adjustments to what I already have. The Mint team has really butchered Gnome to make Cinnamon and I am not a fan of their work. I will make the theme however, since I know many people who use Mint. It is on my to do list but, to be honest, it's a pretty low priority. If I happen to get a couple hours of free time in the near future I will work on it. If you look at the Cinnamon wiki page on github there is small amount of info there that will help you hack the default theme into your own. They seem to do everything in CSS instead of SASS so it should be pretty easy to change colors. - Dec 04 2017
I will certainly fix those issues and more in the 3.26.2 release, stay tuned! - Oct 27 2017
Thanks! I will get to the dark variant after fixing the issues with Pantheon, Cinnamon and XFCE as requested by other users. I figure on adding these improvements and the dark variant in the 3.26.2 release. Stay tuned. - Oct 27 2017
Your welcome! Glad you like it. - Oct 27 2017
Thank you! I will look into it as soon as I get some time to spend setting up and testing virtual machines for various distros. I only use Arch and Gnome 3 on Wayland so there is no real easy way for me to check legacy support other than VM, but I promise I will get to Mint as well as Elementary OS, as requested in another comment, soon. - Oct 26 2017
Thank you, glad you like it! - Oct 26 2017
I'll look into it.. not sure if I can get pantheon to work correctly on Arch or not.. but I'll try VM if not. Stay tuned. - Oct 25 2017
Gave the shell theme a bit more polish. Fixed the volume slider, some rounded borders in the applications overview and a few colors out of place here and there and it looks more consistent now. My next step is to rebase the GTK theme on the current version of Materia instead of the old clone of flat-plat that I used. - Oct 24 2017
Thanks! - Oct 22 2017
Thank you! Please let me know what I can improve, I'd love to make it better! - Oct 21 2017
No prob and thank you. If you like it please hit the + button at the top of the page, and if you need any help let me know. - Oct 20 2017
Oh and the breeze icon theme, Installed on Arch with the "breeze-icons" package. - Oct 20 2017
That screenshot is Arch Linux with gnome, this theme, the dash to panel extension and the arc menu extension. - Oct 20 2017
Compact version is live on github, adding the link now. - Oct 20 2017
Thanks, glad you like it! I have a compact version I will upload tomorrow. I have a 27" monitor so hard for me to tell how compact things should be to save screen space and look nice. So please be sure and leave me some feedback after you give it a try. - Oct 19 2017
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