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Firefox Quickstarter

Utilities by finrold 24 comments

I had the same problem as reported by sede on 10/29/2007. Here is what I did to solve it:

Instead of letting Firefox Quickstarter start automatically at boot time* I made a shortcut for Kicker that starts first Firefox and then Quickstarter.** When using this shortcut first time after booting, Firefox need the regular time for starting. Beginning from the second time Quickstarter works.

* The function 'start automatically with kde' didn't work for me anyway. I started it with ~/.kde/Autostart but it took much to long for starting and regularly it couldn't start Firefox.

** Here is the simple command I use:
firefox; firefoxqs
The order is important. If you would start firefoxqs first the shortcut wouldn't open Firefox when clicking on it first time after booting. - Dec 04 2007

Education Apps by ytm 9 comments

I really like this software. It is very useful in an German-Polish-English household (-:

However, I have two ideas for improvements:

1. It would be great so have the possibility to use the SAP dictionary AND other commercial english<->polish dictionaries at the same time. I guess many users already have commercial data-files (since SAP was not included in the past) and SAP would be a nice addition for those users.

2. It would be great to make data-export easier. E.g. I would like to use one of my commercial dictionaries also in another software. Importing wouldn't be a problem, but exporting is. - Apr 01 2007

Education Apps by ytm 9 comments

The Polish-English/German dictionary is from Langenscheidt not from Collin. - Dec 28 2004