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Charles Samuels
Noatun Album Covers (not gimped anymore)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by standsolid 11 comments

you'll have to modify the young hickory plugin. You could also rig it into its own plugin, but I think the easiest way would be to just do it by means of young hickory.

Patches are accepted :) - May 10 2003

Noatun Skins by skyshadow 5 comments

mETz and I have just commited that :) It'l be out with KDE 3.2.0.

-Charles - Jan 19 2003

Noatun Skins by njård 3 comments

Well, I think it's too much effort on my part :) -- it's pretty easy though. Fire up gimp: right click, Image->Colors->Hue-Saturation, and play with the first slider ("Hue"), just repeat for all the colored images using the same value in each. Probably this way it's ideal as well, as you can then get exactly the color that you want. - Apr 02 2002