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Tucker McLean
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Mar 28 2002
I love this joke! My only suggestions would be to not have remnants of the previous backdrop of the toilet paper clinging to the edges, and also maybe make the blue color into green for Home Edition.

P.S. I could not have thought up that great joke!

Tucker - Mar 28 2002

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Mar 27 2002
I kept wondering why it needed something! Thanks for the suggestions. More, I need more suggestions!!!!! :-P - Mar 27 2002
Thank you for posting a comment! The blackhole itself is being circled by the light swirling about it, therefore, it looks more believable if it only shows the top half. I will take yours and other suggestions into account. More comments!! - Mar 25 2002
Comments! Please post some comments!!!!

Tucker - Mar 25 2002
Silva | KDE is the prettiest OS!!!

KDE Plasma Screenshots 8 comments

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Mar 26 2002
Sorry, I hope you aren't too disappointed. :-P Nice, just nice. Don't change a thing. - Mar 26 2002