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Nor Jaidi Tuah , Brunei Darussalam
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Mar 24 2015
Glad to know that this has a happy ending. - Feb 15 2014
Thanks for the interest and the report.

I haven't encountered such problem on my machine. I am aware that in some situtation mutiara will trigger a bug on the underlying system (not a mutiara bug, but a bug somewhere else) that causes the user to be logged out! I'm still trying to figure out how to avoid that.

Mutiara doesn't require any privileged access. So I cannot understand your bug. Mutiara also tries to minimise the use of memory, but memory requirement may shoot up to hundreds of MB for large patterns (e.g., taking up an entire A4 size). But given that modern PCs have GBs of memory, mutiara is unlikely to get into memory usage error.

If you have further info on how to reproduce the bug, I will be happy to look into it.
- Feb 14 2014