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Dec 05 2017
if you deselect those options, the corresponding HTML5 features will be disabled. - Mar 26 2013
Windows build now requires QtWebKit 2.3.

You can manually disable it by commenting line 18 in src/lib/



Then you'll probably be able to compile it. - Mar 15 2013
Building on Windows is complex task.
You should use precompiled binaries, and if you want to use somehow current code from git, there is precompiled testing build on blog. - Mar 02 2013
It's not yet included in stable release, but it was in git for a week already.
Please check first git repository next time. - Jan 02 2012
thanks for your work, but unfortunately there is already completed Russian translation made by Oleg Brezhnev. - Jan 01 2012
Thank you very much.
I will add your link to downloads. - Dec 20 2011
Hi, it can be done by manually editing settings.ini file in your profile.
For more informations please see (last question) - Dec 20 2011
Added PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nowrep/qupzilla
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install qupzilla

Install from PPA even if you are using 1.0.0 stable, PPA is containing development snapshot with a lot of improvements and also Speed Dial :-) - Dec 05 2011
Well, it would be very hard if not impossible. The only solution is probably to build qtwebkit by yourself against Qt 4.7, because as far as I know all available qtwebkit 2.2 bulilds (latest version) are built against Qt 4.8. - Dec 05 2011
What is your os? It may be only missing codec ... test it here: - Dec 05 2011
It depends on your qtwebkit version, if it's higher or equal to 533.3 then yes :-) - Dec 04 2011
Only Firefox, Chrome and Opera are supported now. Can you please send detailed information, did you choose the right file (as wizzard suggest you?)
Maybe you can open issue on github to keep comments here clean.
Thank you - Oct 28 2011
that will surely be possible, but I think that missing virtual keyboard is not the only needed thing to make QupZilla work well on tablets.
Unfortunately I don't own any, so I can't test QupZilla usability there. - Oct 26 2011
Right now, I have uploaded a new Windows build. All problems related to Windows version should be fixed now :) - Oct 17 2011
is QupZilla crashing on every page with flash, or it just crash sometimes?
Also what version of flash player you are using?

Thank You for your package, I added now "make install", sou You no longer need to move files manually (as long as /usr/bin for executable is ok) - Oct 11 2011
take a look at some theme css.
For example chrome theme (bin/themes/chrome/main.css), you can find style for #mainwindow-menubar. - Oct 08 2011
thank you for your suggestions.
I have already made initial work on plugins, but it still needs some work to do.
But I am afraid, that QupZilla will never support Firefox addons. If we are talking about Chrome addons (based on HTML and JavaScript), then there is a chance of make it happen, but not in nearly future. - Oct 04 2011
i have fixed the build issues you had reported now.
You should be able to build QupZilla now without problems, if you are still experiencing issues, please read build informations.
Thank You. - Oct 04 2011
If you are building for linux, you need to put all folders from bin/ folder on git to /usr/qupzilla (easiest way is to download other linux tarball and you will find the usr/ folder here.
Additionaly, it is possible to build qupzilla to use data path relative to binary location.
I will update it on git today and document this define. - Oct 04 2011
Thank you for your post.
I will fix it on github today, for now, just delete one line in qupzilla.h and it should build fine this time.
It is this line:
#define DEVELOPPING - Oct 04 2011

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