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noah NRW
KDE 3.5.2 Desktop Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by structure 1 comment

Pretty Nice! I like the icons. - Aug 02 2006
World Domination - Tux

Wallpaper Other by stonedbush 4 comments

Very nice. Is it possible for you to create a 1600x1200 version? - Aug 02 2006

Various Stuff by solotitan 2 comments

I see a Compiz icon in your systray. Is that a new feature of compiz? Does it play nicely with KDE's multiple desktops yet? I used it for a while, but I got tired of the small bugs. How is it now? - Jul 29 2006

Wallpaper Other by MastahhCookie 1 comment

Very nice! - Jul 06 2006
made on ubuntu

Cliparts by rpgmaker 2 comments

How about a "Made on Kubuntu" version?

Nice! - Jul 03 2006
Mdv blue

Wallpaper Other by arctic 5 comments

I like it a lot. My favorite type of desktop image is abstract, simple, and blue. Just what you have here.

I second the motion for a version with no distro name. - Jun 29 2006
hdd monitor (dynamic)

Karamba & Superkaramba by packadal 51 comments

That's a cool idea.

Can't wait til it loads a mounted disk without a theme reload!

Thanks! - Mar 12 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by lanyoljames 5 comments

I like this theme because it's original. Sometimes it's hard to break free of the preset look and feel. There are a lot of Karamba system montiors which look a lot alike. Not this one.

Very nice product for a first attempt. I'd say you succeeded! - Mar 09 2006