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Tasos Karagounis

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

Yes, it's fixed.

Thanks again, you're doing an amazing job. - Jun 12 2014

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

My mpd music directory is in: "/home/ntasos/Μουσική" and when I try to add replaygain tags cantata shows the message "Failed".
After reading a previous post about folder names with accents, I created a symlink: "/home/ntasos/mpd" that points to my music dir and replaygain works, except for songs that contain greek letters.

I tested on cantata 1.3.4 and on my own build from source.
I'm running openSUSE 13.1.

I hope you could fix it, but anyway cantata is realy great, thanks - Jun 12 2014
Oxygono - SMPlayer icon theme

SMPlayer/MPlayer by ntasos 3 comments

If you mean the icons on the control bar (play,pause,...) that's because there is no video playing.
Check the second screenshot - Sep 28 2012

by CraigD

9   Jun 12 2014