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GTK2 Themes by macraph 21 comments

Pardon, but how do I download this thing? When I click the download link it takes me to a screenshot. - Dec 14 2007

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

You, sir, officially rock. :D - Oct 05 2007

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

First of all looove yakuake, it's completely replaced any other terminal.

One thing that does bother me however is how it stays on top of other windows. This is not what I want, because I'd rather have it visible for longer periods of time than to hide and show it constantly.

Changing this is a small matter of not setting the NET::KeepAbove property. I've long maintained this as a patch on my box. But I would really like you to make this an option in the program. I was trying to put together a patch to include this in the gui, but I couldn't quite figure out all the pieces (not exactly a KDE coder).

Thanks! - Oct 05 2007
It's the default gnome theme in Ubuntu Dapper. :) - Jan 10 2007