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Karamba & Superkaramba
KPopper (SuperKaramba menu theme)

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May 13 2003
You didn't say what system are you running KDE ver. linux distro. Phyton ver.?

anything for me to actually say what might be wrong...

thanks for pointing out a problem... - May 11 2003
There is one more thing on line 79 in the py faul there is conf option

self.showIcons = 1 #Enable icon support (all eyecandy is more work for your CPU on menu access) :)

you can try setting it to

self.showIcons = 0

it would disable all problems caused of some icon location wierdness - May 10 2003
Sounds a bit like a phyton code proble but it can be caused by some failind dir auto detect..... - May 10 2003
Well if start it from commandline what does it say?

(there mifht be problems with RedHat cause the unstandard directory structure. I tried to forsee problems but I have no redhat box to test on)

so if you can send me the command line output I'd be happy :) - May 10 2003
Actually the cool part is that you can make this menu to start at any x,y location and you can skin it to what ever look you want :)
(ps I'll work on optional menu icons now)

and one cool thing too I left it on for night on my 800 lousy work athlon and it takes allmost no CPU at all when idle... and I got it up to 40% on the same CPU when I clicked as hell on the menu selections :) - May 08 2003
Well I have lot of more ideas what to implement... the kind of stuff I have thought up well but it's still tricky.. to end running thread when skaramba exits and there could be a keypressed callback :) to implement all sorts of useful stuff :)

but yes this took me 4 days to write and I hope it's useful - May 07 2003