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Warren Dumortier Comines, Belgium
Kubuntu Spotlight KDM

KDM4 Themes by karma0321 6 comments

Good, i like it! Voted +1, would be nice as default KDM theme for Kubuntu - Oct 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by nwarrenfl 1 comment

Please let me know why you vote down, kind regards! - Jul 01 2009

Full Icon Themes by wipeout140 172 comments

Hi, nice theme, but please use the old folder icons, they are much better! - Mar 21 2009
Gnome Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 14 comments

Thanks, love it since the bug is fixed! - Feb 22 2009

Full Icon Themes by schollidesign 134 comments

I mean the Location menu from the main GNOME menu... - Feb 15 2009
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Full Icon Themes by igancuhz 98 comments


Greate theme, i love it!
But could you make an update that fixes the missing icons bug?

Thanks. - Feb 14 2009

Full Icon Themes by schollidesign 134 comments


Your icon theme is suite perfect, but could you change the icons of some file systems, like hard disks, because the contrast is bad when you see them for example in the Location menu on GNOME.

Is that possible, or maybe alternate icons?
Thanks, kind regards. - Feb 12 2009
Murrina Rain

GTK2 Themes by arcx 6 comments


Your theme is good, but the text on the panels is white on GNOME, could you fix that?

Thanks, kind regards. - Jan 24 2009