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Javier V , United States of America

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homepage anywhere? - Nov 22 2007

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"1. winrar IS COMERCIAL and for mustdie (as a result - it is unstable)."

Well being a commercial application doesn't necessary make it "unstable" only not trustworthy :D and I don't see any purpose for it to "Die" LOL

"2. Using wine we get ONLY less compress / decompress speed and nothing more."
True :D

"3. People who wants work under linux must use *nix utilities. Only in that way they will understand (at last) why linux is much better then Windows."

Well isn't there a port of WinRAR to Linux system? (there is for "unRAR" atleast)

the RAR format is so/so :D gunzip tarballs are just fine for most needs :D for those things that need extra compression Then I use 7za :D or lzma :D.

Best quote :D "linux is much better then Windows." hehe Nice
I personally don't see why one would run a "commercial" or "Shareware" application under a non-commercail and a Free OS??? - Oct 23 2007

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thx for replay, maybe user choice between
1.)server-less broadcast system
2.)server-less non broadcast system (I.P. table of some sort)
3.)Server based (for those LAN parties when playing Wesnoth :) )

The first one is perfectly fine with me but #2 would be cool/helpful to have :) and #3 for giggles :)

Also "high broadcast traffic" it wouldn't really be problem I was just over thinking as a user sorry about that, just some admins are "freaks" with all traffic on "their" network

and thx again for reply and making this incredibly cool application if I get the chance I will test this version out more thoroughly on windows host, I need to install QT4.x on this system I will soon :) - Oct 16 2007

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This looks like a VERY promising application but I have some questions concerning security, I briefly tested this app under Windows XP (since I'm still wondering whether I should add QT 4.x lib.s to home install of Slackware)and noticed that it uses a broadcast system to detect other hosts. Would this be unsecure method? (since other hosts can see data,( or the source host I.P., being a potential security risk,looking to deliver content) using a simple I.P. address table system would resolve the problem of delivering content to all users on the LAN or at least piss off network admins of increased network traffic) Instead couldn't each host have a list of I.P.s and add them manually, correct me if im wrong since I haven't had to time to actually use it :) )
Also what encryption are you planning to add? (something other then AES, ex. Blowfish or RSA and I am satisfied :) ) - Oct 15 2007