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Office Apps by michellu 53 comments

I always recommend kile to edit LaTeX because it's simply the best. less things/markup to remember, etc

but I like vim-latexsuite's folding better. I tend to 'prune' the document with vim after creating it with kile :) - Mar 19 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

what an apps! one wish: mouse on the top edge open the yakuake (in addition to F12) - Oct 15 2005

Science by vasilief 347 comments

i think graph window need a scroll bar. It's now (0.8.3) confined to the max of the maximized qtiplot window. When doing large graphics with many layers we can't export what's not showing on window.

Export to jpeg is not good (too much compression?) the png's are good though..

oh yeah, when we resize the graph, the legend frequently gone out of sight :(

Other than those, it's excellent! - Apr 04 2005