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Wallpaper Other by PPihus 35 comments

I don't think we need a new mascot or anything. It's not Torvald's fault that many followers draw connections between point A (The GPL) and point B (Real-world Politics), and it's been quite successfully proven that Linux companies can survive.

Look at Red Hat, SuSE, etc... People know that Linux can survive in a capitalist market, because there will always be people who chose convenience and quality (In the form of formal support) over cheapness and simplicity. Besides, the Linux community (And I'm not saying this as an outsider, even though it sounds like I am) will sooner or later realize that unless they begin to show actual support for their precious angel, it's not going to grow nearly as much as it has the potential to.

Disclaimer: When I say Linux, look at the context, because it could be referring to the kernel, or a distribution. - Jun 27 2003

Wallpaper Other by PPihus 35 comments

The problem with Communism and the concepts of a Democracy/Republic does not lie within the theories, but rather how they are executed. In practice, Communist states that lie true to their nature (In terms of economics) simply cannot sustain themselves as well as a Democracy/Republic. On paper, yes, Communism is one hell of a plan. In execution, it's quite impossible. Humans are not capable, and probably will not be for quite a long while yet, of bringing the idea to fruition in a proper fashion.

As for the wallpaper, and the Communist look-and-feel in general, I sure do love the whole red thing going on, of course. :) - Jun 27 2003
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Well said :) - Jul 12 2002