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Ian Chapman , Australia

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May 31 2012
Actually it does.

Please take the little extra effort of actually looking at doc/README.compiling, particularly the "UBUNTU" section. Not to mention, the output is a giant clue that you're missing a bunch of dependencies.
- Jun 03 2012
You're very welcome. There's a new update which should fix this now. - May 31 2012
This is related to the way Ubuntu and derivatives have changed their GCC toolchain. Instead of the part where you just run


Try this instead

make LIBS="-lSDL -lGLU -lGL -lSDL_image"

If that compiles, continue as normal. Note, this is 'hack' but I'll get around to implementing a proper fix - May 29 2012
I can certainly have a look and see what the problems and post a fix. Are you able to show me the output where it the compile fails? Thanks, - May 25 2012
Thanks for the suggestions, some good ones there. I especially like the atmosphere idea as that one hadn't occurred to me and could look really cool if implemented well.

The planet sizes versus the sun don't even come close to reality really. Aesthetics being the main reason, but I've tried to give a feeling of distance of each planet from the sun. Do you feel the sun is generally too large or too small? - Sep 20 2009

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May 31 2012
This is due to some changes in F14, I'll post an updated version at some point.

You should be able to work around it.

Instead of just using make to compile it, try:

make LDFLAGS="-lGLU"

Let me know how that goes.

- Jan 19 2011
Thanks. :-)

There's a section in the README about it that explains why you won't see the ship names on some systems. It's essentially that your OpenGL implementation doesn't support NPOT textures and I haven't written code yet to emulate it (but plan to). The glxinfo command should tell you your OpenGL version and most likely it's less than 2.1. - Sep 06 2009