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Chris Clymer
Too much Karamba

KDE Plasma Screenshots by OhMyAchingGut 2 comments

330 or so megs of ram...and yes, i've actually been scaling back my use for that reason.

I don't play games, just a programmer, so it doesn't really affect me unless I'm compiling something.

I'm running a 600Mghz p3 as well, i have a feeling on a brand new machine the lag is negligable. - May 22 2004
SuperKaramba Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by OhMyAchingGut 4 comments

i have the crystal icons loaded, and nothing ever seemed to recognize karamba. Must been a mistake on my part...oops.

And yeah, i grabbed the image off the navigation on the SuperKaramba website, i just yanked out some text that said "home" or whatever.

As this fits the rest of the theme in the SuperKaramba program, and on their website, I'm guessing that the Crystal did the same thing i did...they just did it first :) - May 22 2004
TubeClock with Seconds

Karamba & Superkaramba by Reverant2501 8 comments

For some reason this theme never actually opens for me. I'm running KDE 3.1.4 on Slackware 9.1, and have had no problems running a dozen other SuperKaramba/Karamba themes. - May 11 2004