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X Y , Morocco
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

but sooo true as for my computer ;] - Mar 20 2007

Wallpaper Other by oHyEAH 2 comments

Thanks for comment. I'm glad, you like it. :) - Feb 02 2007
Windows Media Player

Noatun Skins by asifalirizwaan 12 comments

The previev look's really nice, but the link doesn't seem to work... - Dec 02 2005
Linux Grey Kicker Panel

Kicker Panel by ljogerst 3 comments

Could anybody tell me, why the score is so low? 40%? I just don't get it... It seems really fine to me. Is there something wrong with it, that I don't see? - Nov 30 2005
Autumn Colors

Wallpaper Other by hubi77 7 comments

I usually don't use wallpapers other than my own, but your pictures are simply great... vuol dire: all of them!
Great job!
:) - Oct 17 2005

Wallpaper Other by ptmf 3 comments

-Hey, I wanned a "foot version", but it seems that I'm late... so now what? :)
-To be honest, I'm not shure if that is really what toby had on mind... (question to You, then :) ).
Ok, let's get serious - frankly, I don't think that changing conception, when somebody tells You that, in his opinion, some elements could be done better is the best way*(* & IMHO - it isn't any ;) ). That won't really solve any problem & it is generally not what it's all about - when I add a comment to Your work, it is only my private stand, that You don't have to agree with (let's face it - You won't satisfy 35389 users anyway ;) ). Originality is a most desired value in such things. Knowledge & technique - You can get. But even a great form needs a subject & that is what You can't learn - You just have it, or not. Toby said "It looks like an okay idea"... so why resigning something that is refferd as "okay"? huh? :)
In other words:
- considering suggestions & working on a technical aspect of Your work: Yes
- Changing your ideas to suite somebody else's preferences: No
& as for my ( totally private and absolutely subjective) opinion: Tux on a foot - Rox, Tux on a surfing board... hmm, not exactly... I mean - all right, it's still funny, but what is it about? what does it mean? "Your OS need's a vacation?" :)
All right, then - That's all, folks :)

Regards. - Aug 18 2005