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Graphic Apps by yogin 164 comments


Thanks a lot for developing this soft, it's true okular can help but it is not as good for comics books!
Okular has a clean frame transition in continuous mode, but looking at qcomicbook changelog on github this should be fixed soon :)
and QComicBook has a multi-column thumbnails (important for big archives with several comic volumes); okular has an overview mode but it is not possible to choose a picture from there and switch back to single/2pages mode

[Feature Request] Image Enhance
As in mcomix (or cdisplay in windows etc), some image enhancing features ((automatic) contrast, etc) to correct colour scans would be a great addition (using imagemagick?)

[Feature Request] 2 Pages facing
Currently I think it is not possible to choose the left page; for instance in mcomix it is possible to choose one thumbnail (e.g. frame number 351) and the displayed facing pages are then this one and the next (e.g. 351+352); choosing the next thumbnail as left page is possible (e.g. 352+353). - Nov 27 2011
KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software by marcel83 56 comments

That was quick ! Thank you very much, works fine now :) - Sep 05 2010
KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software by marcel83 56 comments

Great little app :) But the service menu does not appear in dolphin since I upgraded to kde 4.5.1 ; is it possible to check and update ? - Sep 04 2010