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Dom Xluna

Icon Sub-Sets by suseux 65 comments

What I did was extract the archive into ~/.icons/Glossy-Glass

Then you should be able to select it by running "gnome-theme-manager" ->Customize->Icons.

Note I also found some mime types are missing, so I created these links (in mimetypes dir) which helped.

ln -s gnome-mime-audio.png audio-x-generic.png
ln -s gnome-mime-video.png video-x-generic.png
ln -s gnome-mime-text-plain.png text-x-generic.png

ln -s gnome-dev-removable-usb.png gnome-dev-media-cf.png
ln -s gnome-dev-removable-usb.png media-flash.png
ln -s gnome-dev-removable-usb.png gnome-dev-media-sdmmc.png
- Aug 22 2007