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Paul Paul Bloch Lenox, MA, United States of America
what are you using for the weather app and the system on the right side?

Many thanks - Mar 28 2008
Sugar OLPC XO Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by openartist 3 comments

Yeah, whatever. :) - Nov 12 2007
GTK+ replacement icon

Icon Sub-Sets by openartist 3 comments

You mean my design is copyrighted? Yeah, that's just until I know what to release it as. At the moment I'm jsut trying to get feedback. :) - Jul 13 2007
Arch Underlight SLiM Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by thayerw 1 comment

I like where you're going with that boomerang design, much more dynamic. - Jul 13 2007
Compiz Fusion logo Idea 2

Compiz Themes by openartist 34 comments

Thanks for the comment. You definitely have a good point,but I first would consider how a logo/icon is being used. My thoughts are that when designing for a product that is mostly delivered via the internet and requires a pretty good video card in order to implement you stand on pretty solid ground not to need a 16 color version. I mean there are some circumstances, but few. As far as greyscale and black and white, you're right the logo would need to be adjusted, but also, this isn't the sort of logo that will be popping up on letterhead or business cards, and CMYK printing is sometimes even cheaper than 2-color. These will be used small but before I do the work to tweak them to perfection, I think it's better to know it's worth the effort (ie. the designs won the contest). To be honest, designing things at this level takes an enormous amount of work and tweaking that isn't all that suited for a "hey, make me a logo!" sorta situation. In a perfect opensource world we'd develop new ways for designers and developers to interact. But in order for that to happen, coders need to hand the reigns over to some degree and work within restrictions set by graphic and UI designers instead of designers always having to conform to the need to the developers. I think it can and will happen, it'll just take good diplomacy, education, a new kind of model for "open" tiered participation, and a revolution in consciousness. ;) - Jul 09 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by openartist 9 comments

Thanks guys for the support! We will be making a metacity port of this after we're done with the whole theme, which ideally won't be too long out. I'll also be posting the background image that you see in the screenshot as soon as I find the author's info (It's released under a CC license I believe).

If you have any ideas for icons, buttons, etc. please let me know. Links to examples are always great.

Within the next few weeks we'll be finishing any small touches on the windows and gutting the rest of the system. I hope to gather a rather snazzy icon collection to match, so stay tuned!

Also if anyone cares to to post the theme on digg I wouldn't take offense. ;) - Jun 08 2007