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Chris Baker Cheltenham, Great Britain

GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun 30 comments

Installation on Ubuntu:

Save the GnoMenu file to your desktop (Gnomenu)

Once it's downloaded, right-click the file and choose 'Extract Here'.

Next you need to make sure the correct dependencies are all installed, so open a terminal (Applications >> Accessories >> Terminal) and type in :

sudo apt-get install python python-xdg python-cairo python-gconf python-xlib deskbar-applet

Next, in the terminal you need to change in to the directory you extracted earlier. Type in:

cd ~/Desktop/gnomenu

now type:

make install

This will install GnoMenu, it comes with some themes installed by default. Once this is done, you'll be able to right-click on your panel and select 'Add to panel'. Select GnoMenu from the list, it'll add an icon to the panel, right-click the icon and choose 'Preferences'. From there you'll be able to install the menu themes you've downloaded and download others from the Internet.

- Jul 12 2009
Gt3 For Gnome!

GTK2 Themes by jameshardy88 39 comments

That's looking slick, looking forward to seeing the whole theme package. - Jul 10 2009