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noah opnsrc , Canada
Unofficial Gentoo 2007.1 GDM

GDM Themes by opnsrc 5 comments

Thanks for the great comments all....

I am working on some new greeters...

To answer the question of the 2007.1...
When I installed my gentoo, had to bootstrap from the Kernel of Truth as my j-micron wasn't supported at the time :) - Jan 11 2009
Gnome Earth

Wallpapers Gnome by opnsrc 4 comments

I used Bryce 5 through a VMware install of Windoze XP, Photoshop 7 through Codeweavers office and touch ups in the Gimp. - Jun 13 2006
Live Free

Wallpaper Other by opnsrc 3 comments

if you're going to take the time to rate someone else's work negatively.. at least have enuff respect to explain why you don't like it - Apr 02 2004
Tactical UHU

Wallpaper Other by perRetZ 2 comments

Great Wallpaper Design, would be nice to see in a higher resolution - Mar 10 2004
Call me

Wallpaper Other by bojitony 4 comments

Very clear picture, looks sweet - Mar 08 2004
Live Free

Wallpaper Other by opnsrc 3 comments

I would appreciate any comments or feedback -- positive or negative..
for the record - i know unix is not "free", but neither is New Hampshire =)p - Mar 08 2004