Image 01


Petri Kanerva
Charisma Carpenter

People by o6n 28 comments

yea, and on top of the copyright issues, there is nothing made by the author. Just took a photo somewhere and pasted it there... no original idea... not even a pixel made by him... this is just useless waste of space... - Aug 09 2005
Menu Enhancement (Idea only!)

Various Gnome Stuff by who 23 comments

This would be a huge step back in usability and looks, not an enhancement... - Jun 10 2005
Amiga BlueTabs-Light

GTK2 Themes by Aitvo 7 comments

Oh, brings back memories... thanks a lot for this bueaty - Jan 20 2005
Gnome 4 Seasons

Wallpapers Gnome by evalle 4 comments

WHy? Ain't it the same thing, if the creator resizes it in GIMP (or whatever) and post the resized version, or if you do it yourself? Or better yet, just let GNOME stretch it for you... - Dec 13 2004
Gnome Plain Swoosh GDM Theme V3

GDM Themes by mflaig 2 comments

Good to see that someone takes the time to think about the screen and design it more tahn just slat a different bg to the default GDM layout. Great work... - Dec 04 2004
GDE: Gnome Desktop Environment 1024

Wallpapers Gnome by kijun 2 comments

For once a truly awesome wallpaper! - Dec 04 2004
slackware splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by obraketsu 3 comments

Same as with the other slacksplash. Credit the image author. Here atleast ya have the iconbar... - Jul 20 2004
slackware splash2

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by obraketsu 4 comments

Yea, it looks good, but lacks originality. Like, putting someone elses image together with a gnomelogo, which is mutilated by a slackware logo. This would have been much better just as a gnome splash, without the S-logo. And then I'm 99% sure the image isn't yours, so at least you should've credited the original author. And then as a splash, this lacks the space for the icons. Hmmh, I think that was pretty much all for now...

Just my 5 cents... - Jul 20 2004
LCARS Gdm Theme

GDM Themes by permafrost91 10 comments

Oh, haven't you seen when their shift begins they login to their terminals... with user and password... - Jul 03 2004
LCARS Gdm Theme

GDM Themes by permafrost91 10 comments

First, it's very clean and simple, unlike LCARS themes/skins usually. But it doesn't follow the idea of LCARS as shown in Trek. Not the logic or the style of the layout.

Just using the proper colors and the curves in the corners doesn't make it LCARS yet... but as said, this is not overdone and crowded like all other LCARS stuff I've seen - Jul 03 2004