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Reid Miller , United States of America
Tubular Office HR

Icon Sub-Sets by trisz 2 comments

Just wanted to leave a comment and say that I like the icons. They're great! - Jan 20 2006
The Hero's Journey

Wallpaper Other by flamingyak 5 comments

I like him. I think that the cloud borders could be a bit thinner, and the "wind swirls" in the foreground could be thinner as well... other than that I like it.

Those thick lines are a bit distracting and draws the viewer's eyes away from the more important objects in the picture, such as the chicken-man himself :) - Jan 20 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by flamingyak 4 comments

I like it! It aught to keep my spirits up during the coming winter months! Thanks for the contribution! I like sunnysplash too, btw. It's a simple, fitting title. - Nov 22 2005
Michelle Rodriguez Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by michelle778 3 comments

You're out of line 320mb... I can't believe you're using that type of language. Slick has every right to be worried about the GPL license if the image was tagged with that originally. The integrity of the GPL license should be the utmost concern for our users. Without this integrity, open source is nothing!

The debate over the objectification of women aside, the improper use of these open licenses when one is not the author should anger more people than it seems to. Kudos to Slick for saying what needs to be said! - Nov 22 2005

Wallpaper Other by thepope 3 comments

I live in Waseca, Minnesota. We mostly grow corn and soy beans from my area. My roomate here at college is from North Dakota and he grows durum wheat. I am at school in the cities, so a picture like this always brings fond memories of the fields back home :) - Oct 19 2005

Wallpaper Other by thepope 3 comments

Beautiful photo my friend :) You made a connection with this small town hick in the Midwest of the United States. - Oct 17 2005
Weathered Tux

Wallpaper Other by oreomasta 3 comments

Thanks for the comment. I took the picture after class in the computer lab. Unfortunately they are running on Windows XP :(

Good new in that area though, the computer science club that I lead is working to get some more open source applications into the labs. Hopefully we can work a row of Linux clients into the labs :) The department is slowly accepting and embrasing open source.

Thanks for the comment though. It's much appreciated. Hopefully I'll be able to churn out some more sophisticated photos in the future :) - Oct 17 2005
USB MP3 Player

Icon Sub-Sets by LightBeam 5 comments

Nice and clean, I like them. They're simple, stylish but not too abstract for an icon, and I really like the "connected..." icon for when it's plugged in.

Nice work... wish I could critique more :) - Oct 12 2005

Wallpaper Other by pitulari 3 comments

I love it. Nothing more to say :) - Oct 12 2005

Wallpaper Other by poule 2 comments

It's unfortunate that stupid splash screens of models and recycled wallpapers of images used without permission get higher rating than this.

Original artwork scoring lower than all that? Don't listen to the ratings, poule, you're doing an awesome job. I do like all the artwork you've put up. It's sitting on my desktop now :) Keep it up, despite the masses! - Sep 30 2005
Quake Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by ZEphYR_double 10 comments

Just found the icons I was looking for! I'll put good use to them... hopefully they'll show wear from how much I click on them :) - Aug 29 2005
Official Nexuiz icon

Icon Sub-Sets by innovati 1 comment

I had just heard about the game recently. Now I have an icon for my menu! Thanks! - Aug 21 2005
Pink-Floyd Ksplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cado 10 comments

I agree with adherence to GPL guidelines. This site has a reputation that it's trying to uphold but some refuse to recognize that they're posting others' work without consent. You were not the artist behind the creation of the image, so you should not post without permission or at least recognition of the original artist.

One should not chastise others for respecting these ideals. - Jul 31 2005
login-scan 'fusion'

KDM3 Themes by rokkford 53 comments

I really like this login screen... I'll be using this on my comp for a while!

Good work! - Jul 21 2005
Fixed KDE

KDE 3.5 Themes by freemail6 5 comments

I like this style. It's unique, and it is kind of reminiscent of old phosphor screens. Good job! - Jul 11 2005

Wallpaper Other by cuber 6 comments

This wallpaper is simply stunning! You have a very unique style and you're not imitate anything. Your wallpaper stands out as a very unique, well done, and applicable KDE wallpaper. - Jul 06 2005
Kube Solution

Wallpaper Other by madpenguin8 1 comment

I'm a big fan of the Rubik's cube. I love this wallpaper. Would it be possible for you to create a version where the middle cube has only one KDE gear centered on the sticker instead of 4? - Jul 06 2005

Wallpaper Other by buffalobravo 3 comments

I really don't think Microsoft is going to send riot police after us "open source rebels". - Feb 13 2005
I Like Linux

Wallpaper Other by antignu2 7 comments

i am a big linux fan... and i like this wallpaper. i see the humor in it. haf! it's going to be my wallpaper for a day. - Feb 05 2005
Yoper square

Wallpaper Other by anXemptyXpromise 3 comments

i like the background. i myself am a yoper user as well. i was looking to either make a new background for myself of find a good one. i still may make one for myself.

this will sit proudly on my desktop for the time being though, thanks! and make sure to tell them about your background in the yoper forums. i think they're looking for stuff like this. - Feb 02 2005

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by digitex 2 comments

i think this image is nice, but i could be improved if you took the shadow off of the water. with the shadow as it is now, it doesn't really look too convincing.

also, could you post a version without the blue KDE logo in the corner? - Jan 23 2005
KDE-LOOK Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by meNGele 4 comments

i saw the t-shirt concept and am glad you made a wallpaper out of it as well. it'll dress up the new yoper installation i'll be doing this afternoon :) thanks. - Jan 19 2005
KDE-Look t-shirt

Various Artwork by meNGele 5 comments

with uploads like this i'd say this contest is off to a great start. i like your style. it's very crisp and clean.

i like the idea that you used a bright color but it definitely did not get used in excess. i also like the sunflower idea in place of the kde gear. it may not bear enough resemblance for some, but i like it.

the reflection is done well, but there's something about the K inside the reflection that makes it feel off to me. the K in the reflection seems too thin to be a mirror of the real K.

i also like the slogan "eyecandy for your kde desktop" and how it matches the yellow in the sunflower.

overall it's a very nice design. - Jan 19 2005
Debian Cayanne

Wallpapers Debian by oreomasta 3 comments

thanks for the comment :) - Jan 16 2005
Grass 1600x1200

Wallpaper Other by PitocheUrla 2 comments

haha... i usually hate these nature ones. i really like this one though. you've successfully impressed a guy who doesn't like nature photos on :) kudos to the photo! - Jan 16 2005
Gentoo Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by Weza 4 comments

i won't say much because i liked both versions :) it's definitely a cool wallpaper thought and i just thought i'd give you kudos! - Jan 14 2005
Kandies KDE SVG

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by qodsec 7 comments

awesome. that's all i have to say. - Jan 04 2005
Invader Zim - Martian Surface

Wallpaper Other by InfinityX 7 comments

i don't know who or what invader zim is... but this background rules.

nice, nice, nice... muy impressivo - Dec 19 2004

Wallpaper Other by Blackiechan 5 comments

yes! another photochop! that's just what i i was looking for! - Dec 04 2004
Life is hard

Wallpaper Other by hares 14 comments

"wow" in reference to two things.

first, a "wow" for the background. it's very nice. it's nice and clean, crisp, and the kind of funny that just makes you chuckle. i like it and think you need to post more :)

the second "wow" goes to that first response. as in, "wow, you're crazy." - Dec 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by gg3po 1 comment

i like it. it's original. i just like it's messy style. i'm excited to start working in inkscape, myself. i've never used it before. kudos to a nice background! - Dec 04 2004
geek by nature

KDE Plasma Screenshots by inziderx 2 comments

i like that "geek by nature, linux by choice." bg. any link? and any source file? i wouldn't mind editing the text to my own taste. i like it though. - Nov 21 2004
XandrOS Ribbons (3.0)

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 5 comments

I can't put my finger on it, but I REALLY like this wallpaper. It's something with the text for some reason, and I really like how the ribbons are almost and extension of the "X".

muy impresivo! - Nov 17 2004
linux rulez

Wallpaper Other by machack 3 comments

i like it, for the most part.

assuming that tux is an escapee from a prison (due to the chain on his ankle) i'd also assume that the ground is cement, not ice or something.

cement doesn't reflect too many thing things ;)

also, tux could use some cleaning. he's good for the most part. i can't put my finger one what could be fixed with him. his eyes being so reflective kind of bugs me.

he only painted with one color, so the need for 3 cans is questionable.

the majority of the brick wall is blank, and could use an accent or two. it could have a torn poster on it or scratches or other brick wall-ish things on it. :)

i like the idea though/ - Nov 17 2004
Distro Challenge SuSE

Wallpaper Other by croky 6 comments

I like it. It's supposed to be the lizard's tail poking through above some leaves, correct?

How'd you create it? - Nov 17 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 1 comment

The glare is annoying. You can't see the girl. The background is not impressive at all.

I think is a very professional site. I just wish people would spend more than an hour's worth of work on the pictures posted. - Nov 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by kairo 23 comments

"oh yeah i just curious why you think it sucks

I know the question wasn't addressed to me, but I figured I'd chime in on it.

First of all I think it sucks because it looks like to took all of 10 minutes to make. Did you just layer 3 images and work with transparency? That's all I'm seeing; please correct me if I'm wrong.

Second, a background about a president on a website about KDE? I'm with the crowd that hates political propaganda and vacation pics on here. - Nov 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by deep 9 comments

I agree with what others had said. It's a really nice piece. I like the originality taken with tux and the work done in the reflections.

The text reflection is a minor error, but that's what constructive criticism is for.

All in all, it's a great background! - Nov 13 2004