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Rob Hartley , United Kingdom
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Fortune - BURG Theme

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Feb 25 2012
Looks like that wont be neccesary. I grabbed a copy off the repo for Burg Manager, and I'm now hosting it on my Dropbox. Thanks for the offer of help though! - Feb 25 2012
Shoot... erm, yeah, I could do with a copy myself as my site I was using for hosting seems to have deleted my file =| So either you can mirror it and ill append the link or Ill just grab a copy and host it somewhere more... reliable xD - Feb 23 2012
That would be cool :) Of course you can. - Aug 25 2010
I'll try and get them added in the next update :) - Aug 25 2010
Thats odd. Have you tried running nautilus with the 'gksu nautilus' command, then copying across to /boot/burg/themes/ ?

You could also check the permissions on the fortune folder, however, I cannot replicate the issue on my 10.04 installation with either command line or GUI methods. My amended install instructions seemed to work fine. - Aug 19 2010
That may be down to how I named the latest package. Try changing the /Fortune-BURG/ part of the command to /Fortune-BURG-v03/

Let me know. I'll amend the install instructions. - Aug 19 2010
Arch is Next on My list.

I had to redesign a vector template to fit with the faenza theme as best I could. Having never done vector before, I think its looking good.

Ill keep you posted :) - Aug 17 2010

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Sep 08 2010
Sorry I havent been able to fix this program to work better with Maverick and later. Work got a little busy for me and so I havent had the free time I would have liked.

I will be looking to update the system soon enough. - Feb 10 2011
What version of Ubuntu are you using? Also, what icon theme?

From that output the program seems to be running fine.

The issue in this case may be that you dont have an icon for the indicator in your icon theme. I packaged icons for ubuntu-mono with the program, and most popular themes like Faenza should already have them.

If your theme doesnt have an icon, take the icon bundled with the app (or add a custom one) and transfer it into the icon directory in /usr/share/icons/*your theme here*. Place the icon in the apps and status categories in the 24, 22 and 16 sizes. Name it fusion-icon

If ammending your icon theme yeilds no results then I will look more into it.

Hope this helps. - Sep 11 2010
I cant seem to replicate the issue on my installation.

Could you try running 'compiz-indicator' from terminal and post some of the output when you activate and terminate?

Also, what version of Ubuntu are you using? - Sep 08 2010

Whether it is an issue with my coding I cannot say, but for the time being I have updated the script to auto-download emerald.

I know this is not ideal and I will seriously try to remove this dependancy, but for the time being its the best I can do to make it work.

This is my first ever Program after all :P

Thanks for the feedback - Sep 08 2010
Devos Ubuntu Waves - 1920x1080

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Aug 30 2010
I love this wallpaper! Very slick. With your permission, could I use this in one of my future BURG themes? - Aug 29 2010
The Days of Grays

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Jul 06 2010
I love this theme to pieces on Ubuntu 10.04.

One slight issue however is to do with scrollbar images within Opera (10.54 Snapshot builds mainly).

When dragging the scrollbar, the image is replaced with just a black square/rectangle.

I had a look through some of the gtkrc and images trying to change a few minor bits, but to no avail.

Is there any chance of a fix on this? I doubt its an issue with Opera as it works fine on any other themes. - May 22 2010
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Aug 29 2010