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Jan 02 2010
I'm getting the same thing too now, it shows it is installed on mine, colors aren't matched up to it, i guess if you are having the same problem open the pic of a preview and use the eyedropper to copy other colors to match it(thats what I'm doing lol) - Dec 14 2009
token icons -

you can extract them and save them in a folder and then with awn just right click the icon and select customize icon and select whatever icon you want out of that pack - Dec 14 2009
Gtk - download them then open preferences > appearance and drag the tar.gz file to the them tab/section.

Emerald - extract that file(it has .emerald file and another folder/gtk) then import it on emerald.

Not sure about the other ones all I installed were those two plus AWN and Chrome themes - Dec 14 2009
Awesome theme. what are the three applets you are using in the right corner of AWN? - Dec 14 2009
Bluesy - Multiple engines

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Jan 17 2008
nice theme, could you share your wall? - Jan 17 2008
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Feb 07 2010