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Wallpapers Ubuntu
Ubuntu/Win/OSX Dragon wallpapers

Wallpapers Ubuntu 17 comments

by P4man
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Oct 24 2009
Seems I have the PSD still, but it doesnt render properly in gimp. Ill try and remake them when I have some more time. - Oct 24 2009
I may have goofed up. Then again Im not sure I ever had higher quality than that. If you have the originals, can you mail them to me? I long erased those files. duvel123 at gmail. Ill see if I can fix this. - Oct 24 2009
Im having a hell of a time updating this and this site is unworkable slow. But you can find 2 OS-X variants here if you like: - Oct 24 2009
Hehe. yeah that ought to be possible, I'll make on this weekend :) - Apr 26 2008