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Pablo Seminario Rennes, France
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Jun 18 2010
I've been working on cyrilic support but isn't finished.
About KDE related problems, I'm not a KDE user but if you want you can add a bug report about this on Launchpad
Maybe a KDE developer can help us.

Thanks BrunIF - Jul 08 2010
What distro of Linux are you running?
Because I found a bug like this related to xorg and python-xlib.
If you can post your versions, maybe I can fixed.
Thanks! - Jun 21 2010
Hi nenelinux,

for the moment, there is no repository for Ubuntu. But in the project page you can find packages (.deb) for Ubuntu/Debian.

Thanks! - Jun 19 2010
Hi d1337r,

I'm working on this bug, there is a report on Launchpad about this
If you can attach the output of 'xmodmap -pk' that would be very helpful for me.

Thanks! - Jun 19 2010
Metacity Window Buttons

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Mar 13 2010
Apparently there is no such option in "Keyboard shortcuts" for that. But I see with gconf-editor that there is an option called 'toggle_above' in /apps/metacity/window_keybindings, I tried this option but it seems not working, maybe you could try - Mar 18 2010
Thanks elmodos!
I'm sorry, but you can not add another button, the window manager (Metacity) provides only 4 possibilities and are close, minimize, maximize and menu. - Mar 18 2010
Human Simple

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Jan 05 2010
Thanks Achteutis!
But all work was done by the ubuntu team, I jus adapt it a bit ;) - Jan 08 2010