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Erik Ridderby , Sweden

Audio Extractors/Converters by paddlaren 8 comments

Well see.

I have moved the project to sourceforge.

There is a discussion board where we can take the dialog instead. - Sep 13 2013

Audio Extractors/Converters by paddlaren 8 comments

What the heck. Here goes nothing.

Take a look at:
It is now open (shall be).

To create a category first time, add the following line in a document:
{{ category: "My Category" }}

You can then drag a category from the tree into a document to categorize.
Normally I either drag and drop or modify an existing.

I still have no manual.

Wiki syntax is extended Creole, see wiki on the project site.

Special extensions:
=# 1. (h1)
==# 1.1. (h2)

# 1. (num list)
## 1.1 (num list).

- Sep 10 2013

Audio Extractors/Converters by paddlaren 8 comments

It is very inspired by Zim but still very different. I used to use Zim but was not satisfied.

All wikipages have a hard coded timestamp name for exact reference that is shown in a tree. It also have a document name and can be located in several places in a category tree. A document can both be part of a category and refer to a category. (A meeting in a project may concern a product but is not categorized as that product).

There is a summary function for ToDo's that works on sub parts of the category tree (user selects a node to use).

The layout is inspired by MS Outlook (sorry, don't hate me). It has a three pane layout with category tree, documents in that category and wiki page. The wiki page is in 3 parts, top right is the editor, top left is the pree-view and bottom full width is the summary of todos. The window parts can be closed and moves as user wishes.

It also supports a second viewer windows that I use when I have two screens on meetings. This way only I see the wiki content but I can still show a specific document for viewing to the audience. It also supports different zooming for me and the others. This I have not seen elsewhere. This is particularly useful in combination with a separate editor window for the same document. Edit in one window, display one for the audience so they don't ask about the wiki syntax, and have the full wiki to your self to find information in when the bosses starts asking difficult questions.

Indexing is performed on start-up, not temp files needed yet. Makes usage of a VCS like mercurial work like a dream.

The absolutely minimum needed before I publish is to add the GPL licence in each file. I have been using it daily on work since February and done a lot of bug-hunting (and lost some notes on the way). Still some stuff on the wish-list though but life is not over when gone public :)
- Sep 10 2013

Audio Extractors/Converters by paddlaren 8 comments


I think that would make it to a completely application. A reagular CD ripping tool will need to deal with CDDB etc which I have intentionally left out because of quality issues for audiobooks (mostly only the few first CDs are available from CDDB but after CD 5 or so the quality goes down remarkably).

For the time beeing I have very little energy for development once daily work is finished and I have a personal qt-based desktop wiki that I need for work that is prioritized. I will publish here once I feel the basics are up and running. - Sep 10 2013

System Software by denisq 7 comments


You might whant to examine the command "xmodmap". Whith this you can bind a special key to a "normal key".

Check the manpage:
- Mar 11 2010

Sources are available on the project site ( and are tested on Linux (I develop on Linux) and Windows (I use it daily in windows XP at work). Build-instructions are on the wiki.

I will publish a Linux tar-file shortly (this weekend I hope). For debian-packages and RPMs I need help.

I have no access to MacOS and really need some help with testing, building and making an installer.

- Nov 04 2009

Utilities by paddlaren 4 comments

I don't want to push you to build k3b to something it is not intended to be. I adore it for what it is today and I think it does that great. Don't want to spoil that.

We do this for having fun and I had fun writing this program. It was not a waste of time.
Besides it's my first contribute to the community. We will see what happens next...

// Erik - Dec 30 2006

Utilities by paddlaren 4 comments

As matter of fact, I did create a ticket for k3b.

Now days you have user settings and default settings in the RIP-dialog, I asked for the possibility to create own profiles. This would not solve the meta data issue although I do not need to change the quality, the file naming scheme and storage location when switching between music and books.

I cannot recall I ever got a mail indicating status changes on the ticket.

Then I wrote this program.
- Dec 28 2006

Text Editors
by cloose

May 27 2013

Audio Apps
by smatthias

May 18 2013