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Jan 10 2009
Hi there, again.

A few versions ago I had the problem that originally posted about, and I fixed it by commenting out the bg_pixmap line in the gtkrc file.

Well, it worked then but I cannot find that particular line in the newest version that I just downloaded.

Will I need to modify the gtkrc file again. I want to keep my panel transparent but would like to keep the metallic look of the theme. Commenting out the bg_pixmap line last time work to remove the background on the panel while keeping the metallic appearance.

Thanks fro your help... - Oct 27 2006
Well, I commented out the bg_pixmap line in the gtkrc file, executed a killall gnome-panel & VIOLA - I have a full transparent (or fake) panel with the theme!

Thank you for responding. - Oct 05 2006
I don't want to have any other theme than this!!

However, I cannot rid the panel sides of the theme color. I've attached a screenshot of it. I would like to have the panel be transparent, but the color is still there in the panel.

I believe that I have the Clearlooks engine installed as suggested, but I'm just not sure because, well, it's not working.

Could you please help me?!!

I've attached a screenshot here: where I've also begged the question. - Oct 04 2006