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Carlos Vives , Spain
Emojione emoticone theme

Emoticons by rjornetc 4 comments

Very nice idea, but sadly doesn't work very well on my system. The svgs have a 64x64 px canvas size, and are insanely big for chats on my good-old-dpi screen. Luckyly it's easily fixed by converting them to png and moving the svg way. - Jan 01 2016
Cool Effect

Kwin Effects by keluoinhac 29 comments

It's a nice effect, but a combination of Fade + Glide (with no angle) provides pretty much the same thing, only with more customization options. - Mar 07 2014

Conky by Palewolf 5 comments

Thank you :)

I'd like to add temperatures/voltages next, but there is a problem with that: lmsensors gets too many sensors and/or wrong measures (especially for top and bottom limits), and i'd like to keep Infobox as much configuration-free as possible.
Anyway, if you have any suggestion about what sensor you'd like to see next, it will be welcome :)

Btw, it uses too much cpu for you? On my system it uses about 4%.
I was thinking of caching background images, it should have a small memory footprint and increase eficiency. - Sep 10 2008