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VLC Playlist Parsers

VLC Playlist Parsers 8 comments

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Jul 04 2019
Done! - Sep 14 2019
I'll look into it - Aug 31 2019
The new version supports limiting the maximum resolution by using the "Preferred video resolution" setting of VLC. You can find it in Tools → Preferences → All settings → Input / Codecs. - Jul 04 2019
It's not possible to select a resolution at the moment. I'll add it in a future version. - May 07 2019

VLC Playlist Parsers 28 comments

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May 21 2018
Only single videos are supported, not playlists. I know the category name "VLC Playlist Parsers" can be misleading but that's just how URL parsers are called in VLC. I may add support for playlists in a future version.

The path under Program Files is also correct, but to put a file there you need administrator privileges. The path under Users requires no privileges so it may be easier to use that. - May 10 2019
It's normal that you don't see it in the extensions menu, because it's just a playlist parser, not an extension.
Do you have issues opening youtube links?
Could you get a log and put it somewhere like pastebin? To get a log, open the messages window in Window -> Messages, select Debug as verbosity level and try opening a pornhub link. - Apr 11 2019
Did you manage to copy the lua file in the directory written in the description? What operating system are you using? - Jul 16 2018
I updated the description with installation instructions - Jun 20 2018
If you have a problem please tell me and I'll try to help - Jun 20 2018