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palmer palmer

Wallpaper Other by HvaHeterJeg 5 comments

In what program did you make this?

Great Work! - Apr 14 2005
Gentoo Black Emerge

Wallpaper Other by orangeman33 1 comment

I like
Nice and Simple - Mar 23 2005
ACPI Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 10 comments

I can´t seem to figure this theme out...

I fire it up in superkaramba 0.35 (gentoo) and all I get is a light-blue box, a brown battery with the plugged in symbol, and a white bar...

ACPI is enabled (klaptop works...)

Any idea what´s wrong?

-palmem - Mar 11 2005
Crystal Style

Wallpaper Other by raoulduke2 6 comments

Great job, I love it! - Feb 18 2005