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Paolo Pantaleo
Martagon lily

Wallpaper Other by barney 2 comments

nice photo, and the ants are great, but it is not in good focus - Oct 11 2004

Wallpaper Other by paolopan 6 comments

thnx i'll send it tomorrow - Sep 24 2004

Wallpaper Other by paolopan 6 comments

i have it in higher res, i will update as soon i found hosting (800kb) - Sep 18 2004
Gentoo G Sexy

Wallpaper Other by crrimson 6 comments

what program(s) did you use to do that? - Sep 18 2004
rainbow tornado

Wallpaper Other by paolopan 2 comments

I made it with quat, who is capable of doing 3d fractal (don't ask me how ever it do...).
I made colors with a formula built in quat + selecting colors to be more or less like a rainbow with little hue and saturation "noise". - Jun 19 2004