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Paul van Erk , Finland

Webcam & Monitoring by hipersayanx 74 comments

This is really excellent. I'm quite impressed! Don't have a use for it yet (only have an integrated webcam in my laptop), but it works great. Will you incorporate timed snapshot capability (with ftp upload, for example)? That would be great for people pointing their webcam outside. - Mar 02 2012
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Check my post below. :) - Feb 07 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

For those of you installing from source, I made a patch to include activity support:

- download the patch and save it somewhere, for example in /tmp
- download the original package (from here or use hg version, both work)
- unpack the package
- cd into the directory
- patch -p1 -i /tmp/smooth-tasks-activities.patch
- then follow the regular instruction in the INSTALL file

Watch what it says in the INSTALL file: you need to restart plasma. Do this by either logging out and in or by issuing "kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 2 && plasma-desktop"

After that, you will have the extra "Only show tasks from the current activity" option available.

I also sent this patch to panzi, so he can merge it into his repository for a new release. - Feb 07 2011
Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by n00bw00t 43 comments

So, how does the incoming message alert work? Would be nice if that was customizable, but I have the feeling the animated icon is part of kopete itself. You know anything about that?

Very nice looking icons, btw. :) - Dec 25 2010
Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by n00bw00t 43 comments

As an alternative, you can use kopete, instead maybe? It has skype integration and only requires that skype is running as well. I have lots of contacts using skype, custom jabber and google talk, all within kopete. I have configured skype within kwin so that it doesn't show up at all. I only sign in within skype at the start of the day and the rest is controlled by kopete. - Dec 25 2010
Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes by santgio72 62 comments

The 'user-available' status icon can be used for 'user-online' by the way. - Oct 08 2010
Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes by santgio72 62 comments

I hope you're able to put "every" icon in there that's possible. Krusader,, kdesvn are a few of the ones that I personally am missing. :) Navigational buttons look nice, hope they'll get accompanied but the toolbar buttons "Detail", "Columns", etc (like in Dolphin). Great job! - Oct 08 2010
Events Plasma Runner

System Runners by alno 25 comments

*applauds* This is a really, really nice addition. I hope it you'll try and get this into default KDE. I'm happy openSUSE provides a package. :) Greaty application of the power of krunner! - Jan 19 2010
Radial (thin borders) Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by Scnd101 9 comments

Awesome, thanks for that!

I did have to fix a bug myself, though. The decoration SVG has wrong measurements. So, I applied just the opacity differences to you original thin border Radial and then it works like a charm. Gotta love SVG and kompare :)

There is a small bug. Well, at least for the opaque one, perhaps it's intentional for the original. Anyway, the inside of the decoration still has a little 1 pixel of transparency. I fixed that, as well, by changing the opacity to 1. It looks really great now for me with just a tiny bit of transparency.

A last bug is when you shade a window. There are some artefacts, but I think that's an Aurorae bug.

Anyway, thanks again for this great port! - Nov 23 2009
Radial (thin borders) Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by Scnd101 9 comments

I like this, been waiting for a good port of this. Is it possible to make one without the transparency? You can set it with KDE composite anyway, so there's no need to have the SVG's itself to have it.

Yes, I'd like to have it less or not transparent at all, but I haven't figured out how to do that in Inkscape. :) - Nov 23 2009

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

Time to document it then, or make it visible in the configuration, because it prevented me from using it. :) Thanks a lot for the info, I've switched to skulpture straight away. :) - Aug 10 2009

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

I really like it, but it's unusable for me. I have a very strange bug, using the openSUSE package for KDE 4 Factory.

For some locations, a single click has changed to a double click. For example in kopete. When I single-click a contact, it suddenly now opens the chat window, as if I had used a double click. Same goes for going to the Personal Settings screen. When I then click for example Desktop, under Oxygen it will simple select Desktop. But with Skulpture, it will open that screen.

Also happens in various other locations. I have made sure that the mouse is set to double click, but that was all fine. So... anybody have the same experience? - Aug 10 2009
Just a note to say: yay! :) - Apr 19 2009
Yes, someone please try this. :) +good for the both of you :) - Mar 20 2009

Plasma Themes by dgoemans 3 comments

...especially for the clock, now that KDE 4.2 let's you mix themes properly. :) - Feb 08 2009

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 10 comments

Well, when 4.2 is out I want to try to make a pure KDE4 version of trailertracker. I can't even install python-kde4 here on my openSUSE 11 box, because it can't install the correct python-sip package (dependency of python-kde4). So you'll have to hold out for a while. I want it to work as well. :) - Dec 19 2008

Plasma Themes by dimitrispan88 18 comments

This one has some nice potential. The taskbar 'buttons' background looks a bit like it's not an SVG, though, it's not smooth. I'd really like to see this one in action on KDE 4.2 where plasma themes can adjust to your color settings. Keep it up. :) - Dec 06 2008

Plasma Themes by dimitrispan88 18 comments

Yup, that solved it, thanks. :) - Dec 06 2008

Plasma Themes by dimitrispan88 18 comments

I'm using KDE 4.1.3, but I don't see any difference between Jimmy when activated, and Oxygen. Is this theme for 4.2 maybe?

I'm craving for an improved taskbar look, preferably before 4.2 (where Oxygen has gotten huge improvements). So this would be nice. - Dec 06 2008
KDE4 Crystal Diamond Icons

Full Icon Themes by manowarlord 25 comments

This would be an good addition to KDE4. On 3 I used it and it would be great to have it in KDE4. - Oct 30 2008
linux win xp

KDM3 Themes by bulvinkl 3 comments

Don't think you can use that MS Art (background mainly as far as I can see) with a GPL license. - Sep 30 2008
Dark Radial

Beryl/Emerald Themes by toucher5 3 comments

Nice, kwin should have a port so I can use it. :P - Sep 30 2008

Plasma Themes by AdrienV 67 comments

I like 0.7 a lot better than the previous versions. Way nicer. And the analog clock is a nice touch, though somewhat messy if it's too small. Going to use it now and see if it will finally replace Oxygen. :) - Sep 25 2008
Panel Spacer

Plasma 4 Extensions by DanaKil 62 comments

Absolutely great. This brings a much appreciated bit of customization to my panel. Good job! - Sep 14 2008
Ubuntu Bart

Cliparts by dyland30 6 comments

I don't think you can have a GPL license on this, since you obviously don't have the copyright on the Simpsons' characters. - Jul 26 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by nehlsen 17 comments

Good job, works really nice. Is there a sound alarm on your todo list, perhaps? :) - Jul 24 2008

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

I'm using it right now. It looks very, very nice indeed. :) - Jul 16 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 156 comments

Still listening? ;) Thanks for the comments. I'll be honest, haven't been doing anything about it for the passed year.

Anyway, the text field you can put a date in and then quickly go there. You need to click the small arrow after entering a date (dd-mm-yyyy).

The double clicking is because you haven't locked (right click -> Toggle Locked Position) the theme. If you do lock it, you will only need to click once. Works like that for all SuperKaramba themes. - Jul 03 2008
OakS X

Beryl/Emerald Themes by jackgreen 11 comments

I'm not into wooden themes, but this is a job well done. Now to port it to native KDE4 kwin and perhaps KDE3 kwin or dekorator. ;) - Jul 01 2008

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 2 comments

But it's not an Amarok theme. :)

Too bad I can't afford a subscription so I can't get 1680x1050. - Jun 12 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by benderam 6 comments

Really, REALLY bad screenshots. But very nice app. :) - May 09 2008
Prayer Times Plasmoid

Various KDE Stuff by hesham 9 comments

There is a Plasmoids section on - May 08 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by Lechio 40 comments

You know what? I never even noticed the 'Default size for cover previews' option in Amarok. Thanks for the heads up. 200 pixels was enough.

Okay, I'll try another issue. :) I use the keyboard to control amarok. But aRok doesn't listen to the status. It updates the currently playing song, but when I press my 'pause' button on the keyboard, aRok doesn't change the 'screen' accordingly.

And I alrealdy noticed I'm wrong. It just takes like 5 seconds. I'm a bit impatient. :) - May 03 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by Lechio 40 comments

This is friggin' brilliant!

One suggestion for improvement, though: pictures (and amarok album art) are pretty low quality most of the time. Especially album art is very 'pixely'.

Anyway, super job. I don't know how you can be only at 70%+, 85 should be the minimum :) - May 02 2008
OpenOffice splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by dimitrispan88 11 comments

Just wanted to say that the second screenshot (for 2.4) shows the best of them all. Never seen a better splash for OOo. Good job. - Apr 30 2008
Lowfat Lefty (Emerald version)

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Treefingers 17 comments

I'm not a big fan of the buttons, but somehow this theme feels very peaceful and clean. GJ. - Mar 21 2008
kde4 platinum

Kicker Panel by jmming 6 comments

And now it's changed :D - Mar 18 2008
kde4 platinum

Kicker Panel by jmming 6 comments

It says "depends on KDE 3.x". And KDE4 does not have the kicker, it's all plasma.

Apart from that: looks nice - Mar 18 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Apoclypse 305 comments

Put it in the KDE4 System Settings :) And darn: I was hoping this was a GTK Oxygen theme :) - Feb 04 2008
Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht 37 comments

Don't think it'll make much of a difference. Just upload one with the right extensions in the name to prevent confusion. :) gzipping images won't compress much, I think. - Jan 28 2008
Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht 37 comments

You posted the oxygennosvg.tar.gz, but it's not gzipped, so tar xzvf doesn't work. It's only tarred, xo tar xvf oxygennosvg.tar.gz is enough. :) - Jan 27 2008
Oxygen Icons

Full Icon Themes by dnspht 37 comments

You need to extract them not with the "e" option, but with the "x" options: extract with full paths. That is, if you're talking about the 7z file. - Jan 26 2008
The Movement

Wallpaper Other by lzfy 2 comments

A screenshot including the theme would help. Won't download it, since I don't use it, but still: I like pretty pictures. :) - Jan 24 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by djulbboy 2 comments

You know you can just update your old ones, right? You don't need to put new versions as complete new entrie. - Jan 04 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba by sangrehirviendo 7 comments

Nice port! :) - Dec 20 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 10 comments

You can simply use the mouse scroll wheel to navigate through the trailers and right click the theme to go to the configure menu. :) - Nov 07 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 10 comments

Well, that shouldn't be a problem, really. I can navigate fine from one to the other. I'm not really putting any support in trailertracker as I'm possible rewriting it next year for KDE 4. :/ - Nov 04 2007
Yup, works now, thanks a lot for the quick fix! - Jun 21 2007
Same problem: 0.52.1 crashes (compiled from source). Luckily, I always change to a different style before installing the new version of QtCurve.

0.52.1 was done compiling very fast, faster than usual I think. No errors, though. :/ - Jun 20 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 156 comments

Well, I really don't know. As a last resort, you could try to delete ~/.superkaramba/dbKalendar.rc and ~/.superkaramba/skins so you have a clean profile. :/ - Jun 12 2007
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Plasma Color Schemes
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Webcam & Monitoring
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Super Mario bros

System Sounds
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blueprint Plasma Desktop

Wallpaper Other
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Plasma Themes
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KDM4 Themes
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Full Icon Themes
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Ambiance plasma

Plasma Themes
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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Divergence Inspired

Beryl/Emerald Themes
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QR Code Generator Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
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Beryl/Emerald Themes
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Additional SysTray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets
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