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Pasjr Woctx Scurry, United States of America
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Beaches and Oceans
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Light Up

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Dec 19 2010
Yet I get an average 1000 downloads a day, and about $250 in donations a week. Thank you for your comments. I do enjoy them and use them to shape my work.:) - Dec 19 2010

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 08 2010
Well 10,000 downloads since it has been up says otherwise. But thanks for your honesty. - Dec 08 2010

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Dec 07 2010
Thank you. - Dec 07 2010

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Nov 10 2010
Thank you:) I appreciate that. - Nov 10 2010
Really? I cant see that. But ok, why do you say that? - Nov 10 2010
Ubuntu My Way - Clean

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Oct 24 2010
Why thank you so much for your kind complements. I really value your thoughts. It is people like you that inspire me to create such amazing art. Again thank you. - Oct 25 2010
A Rip In Time II

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Sep 04 2010
Yes I know Gnome makes Ubuntu so nice, and I do enjoy having it. Just somethings I am not big on and feet on my screen is on of them. But if you would like one, I can make one for you. - Sep 04 2010