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Rui Pinho Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
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Nautilus Scripts by marc41 380 comments


Every time I try to convert a file with a space in it's filename or folder name, I get a message kind of 'file not found'.

nautilus-actions 3.0.5
ubuntu 11.04
avconvert in /usr/local/bin

Any ideas? - Nov 04 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

[I split the big flac files into individual ones, so I don't have this issue any more. Anyway, I'm reporting it so you can try to fix and avoid simillar bugs to other people.]

Here it goes...

The folder is named "1985 - True Stories [FLAC + CUE]"
It contains the files:
"Talking Heads - True Stories.cue"
"Talking Heads - True Stories.flac"

In the tag of the flac files, Album is set to "True Stories [FLAC + CUE]", once if it is set to "True Stories", it fetches the cover from the net.

I think this is it. Any other info, please ask.

Thanks again for your time and dedication.

Best regards! - Feb 16 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Hi! It's me again... :)

I use Rhythmbox, as I already stated.
Everything is ok, except one little strange thing...
I have a couple of albums in a large flac file. The folder of that albuns contain only the big flac with all the musics, the folder.jpg for cover and the cue file.
With Rhythmbox, no cover is displayed or fetched.
I tried other players and cover was displayed with all I tried.
Any idea?

BTW, any tips on how to read the cue file with rhythmbox?
Or a player like rhythmbox that reads cue files?

Thanks in advance,
Keep up the great work!

Best regards - Feb 15 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Thanks again for your great work!

No need to mention me on your comments, but thanks for that too.


Best regards! - Feb 14 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Yes, you get it right, it was the case sensitive thing.

Anyway, as I said before, I knew you were going to fugure out the best way! :)

Thank you again! Amazing work!

Best regards! - Feb 13 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Thank you for your attention.

One thing I believe could be usefull in the cover thing is to let us choose the file to search for, even if you keep the rest of the search.
Also, along with cover and front, folder would be nice. If I'm not the only one using 'folder.jpg'. :)

One other thought...
Don't do the search for 'cover' or 'front' or 'folder'. I changed the 'grep' to 'older\.jpg', and this way it works with 'Folder.jpg' and 'folder.jpg'.
You know what I mean and you will find the correct way to deal with it :)

Regards and thank you! - Feb 12 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

Solved it! :)

Just need a workaround for the special symbols in folder name thing...

BTW, it is pointing to instead of 0.3.4 like someone already stated.

Regards - Feb 12 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments

I detected part of the problem...

It is related with special symbols/letters in folders name, like [ ] ç or á à é...
It can't acces folders with that symbols on it's name.

Still, it shows the first picture it finds instead of folder.jpg. Can I make it use Folder.jpg always?

Thanks! - Feb 11 2011
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Conky by brucelee 50 comments


Fisrt of all, thank you for this. It is really great!

I'm having an issue with covers... I'll try to explain and hope you can help me...

I use Rythmbox.
My music files are ordered by /Artist/Album floders and inside every folder I have a 'Folder.jpg' file with cover art.

In some cases I also have 'Back.jpg' and 'Cd.jpg', but I always have 'Folder.jpg' with the font cover.

Well, NowPlaying shows some covers, others don't and in others it sohows the 'back.jpg' or 'cd.jpg' instead of 'Folder.jpg'.

If I'm connected to internet, sometimes it updates the /covers folder with a fetched one, I suppose.

My question is shouldn't it always use the Folder.jpg file I already have in my hdd? What can I do to have it working this way?

Thank you and I'm sorry to bother you.

- Feb 11 2011
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