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Patrick Wigmore , United Kingdom
Stickers 5

Cliparts by peterm 11 comments

Great bit of graphics.

This layout is probably no good for laptops, but would be great on desktops, servers, kiosks or other embedded devices or to indicate that an operation or company runs using Linux.

I like the fact it is a different shape from the usual stickers you get on computers.

Perhaps you could do a version that looks a bit like your Stickers 9 but which uses the shape of the distro logo like these do, rather than that ‘cloud’ shape.

Generally I prefer ‘non-shiny’ things like this to ones with a glossy effect, too, but that is not to say that shiny ones don’t have a place (good for posters, perhaps).

(Just some random critique for you. :) - Feb 07 2009

Full Icon Themes by dannya 31 comments

Best icon set I’ve ever used. I can’t be doing with all this new-fangled ‘colour’ that other icon sets seem to have.

I prefer your “Flat” icons from an aesthetic and usability point of view, but the Monochrome ones are a more complete set, which trumps that so I use them. - Nov 06 2008