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Paul Nunya
Amaranth Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 51 comments

:-P I figured as much. Maybe if you must use win for that you could use GNU tar for win32?

Good stuff! Thanks again.
-P - Sep 16 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by stunji 41 comments

Very underrated. Nice change. - Aug 22 2003
Amaranth Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 51 comments

The archive is no good.

It has a gz extension but it's only a normal tar file. The directories are all bad as well.

To fix, copy the archive to your directory of choice (/tmp here) and execute the following (some commands may be wrapped here):

$ mkdir temp
$ cd temp/
$ tar xvf ../amaranth-default-.7.tar.gz
$ cd Amaranth/
$ rm -fr 128x128\\/ 16x16\\/ 22x22* 32x32\\/ 48x48\\/ 64x64\\/
$ mv ../16x16/ ../22x22/ ../32x32/ ../48x48/ ../64x64/ .
$ cd ..
$ tar cvzf Amaranth.tar.gz Amaranth/

You can now install the icons (Amaranth.tar.gz) using the archive you have just made.

I noticed that this archive was broken some time ago but nobody said anything, so here is the fix ;-)

-P - Aug 22 2003