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Pablo Valentini
Air for Nokia

Phone Themes by nece228 21 comments

Nice job! Although I think you should keep working on the fonts. - Sep 19 2009
HypnoQuit V3.3

Various KDE Stuff by aubreybourke 6 comments

He's right. You should place it here:

Cheers - Mar 19 2009

Graphic Apps by mchara 16 comments

Good luck! I can't wait to try it on my linux box ;) - Jul 09 2008

Utilities by micko 67 comments

I'm glad too but, what is that ugly green doing there? - Jun 23 2008
Fancy Report (2 columns)

Tellico Templates by Shmuma 2 comments

Could you please upload a screenshot?

Thanks. - Nov 08 2007
NOMAD II Transfer Service Menu (NIIT)

Dolphin Service Menus by FireHawk 6 comments

Not that dead ;) - Aug 31 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by adrian5632 3 comments

What about adding hover and pressed buttons too? :) - Jan 06 2007 Search Plugin for Firefox

Various Stuff by paul21 4 comments

Yes, but It's not the same. This searchplugin already includes the icon and you don't need to install any extension. Just a click and you're done. Ready for lazy ones! XD
Also it works with Firefox 1.5 and earlier.

Anyway, the konqui searchplugin is a great idea, I'll work on it.

My apologies for my ugly English :P - Jan 04 2007 Search Plugin for Firefox

Various Stuff by paul21 4 comments

I promise I'll give it a shot, as soon as I can... - Jan 04 2007

System Software
by Sho

Mar 23 2010

System Software
by LandertRene

9   May 15 2011

by denisq

9   Mar 02 2011
MyCinema Project

System Software
by gigibian

9   Feb 09 2011