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Paul Salden

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Aug 02 2017
Thank you for a great theme accompanying a great icon theme.

One request (which I hope isn't a duplicate of some sort): could you perhaps provide compatibility for Nemo, Cinnamon's file manager? Being a continuation of Nautilus 3.4, it still has a toolbar which Faience now displays white(-ish). I know from other themes it's possible to support both properly and I see proper Faience toolbars in gedit for example, but in my limited knowledge I've not been able to fix it myself.

Thanks for the consideration. - Dec 20 2012

GTK3 Themes 148 comments

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Oct 28 2012
Hey man, awesome updates! One minor issue: when changing the unity panel css to unity-darkest, the panel text remains dark (on a dark background). I easily fixed it by taking a look at how you do it for GrayDay, but wanted to let you know. - Oct 28 2012
yesterday I imagined what would be the ideal theme for me, then when I came home I found this... what are the odds huh? great job, like all of your themes. I'm hoping for a 3.6/12.10 version some time in the near future :) - Oct 09 2012

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

by ejrn
Score 67.3%
Mar 10 2011
By now I noticed it is complaining about a few lines in the gtkrc file. I commented out line 138 and line 142 and now at least it loads fine. I haven't discovered any obvious visual bugs because of doing this. - Mar 03 2011

I'm quite new to this so excuse me if I ask a silly question, but when I load the theme through ubuntu's theme manager after installing both equinox and aurora, I only get something that remotely looks like the screenshots. Both my menubar and windows have a 'windows 95-like' grey color, rather than the gradient they should have.

Any clue what I might be doing wrong? Thanks - Feb 28 2011
Score 74.3%
9   Feb 07 2013