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Martin Kracun
Hi-Tek Conky

Conky by mucas 9 comments

oh i managed to make it work.. so for those who are slow as me..

after extracting and renaming conky folder as it was said sooner just copy conkyrc from config folder in conky directory to home folder and rename it to ".conkyrc" and it will work.. - Oct 14 2010
Hi-Tek Conky

Conky by mucas 9 comments


i like it so i"d like to try it..
could you plz provide more information
about installation?
i extraced it to my home folder, renamed it
terminal>conky but it didint work..
it shows just basic conky, i dont know where problem is
should it look like this?
- Oct 14 2010

Wallpapers Ubuntu by abygomez 1 comment

Hi, its really nice wallppr but is it possible for you to make it in higher resolution?... like 1920x1080 + (same quality) would be nice.. and appreciated:)thx - Jan 24 2010

Full Icon Themes by KuduK 30 comments

I do like them very much, but were they created by you or were they jhust taken from somewhere alsE? Are u author? - Jun 21 2009

Usplash Themes by decadenza 5 comments

how do i get it work? how to install it plz? - Feb 27 2009
Afisufi Grass

GDM Themes by cimoc 10 comments

This looks really good!!! I wish there were also icon theme based on those icons and wallpaper in all possible resolutions... it could be together really nice lookin interface... - Jan 15 2009
area o.42 SVG icon theme

Full Icon Themes by servechilled 22 comments

Hi, i have ubuntu and i tryied your beatiful icons, lots of them works good but some of them as hard disk device icon /usb on my desktop and in "places" was changed for icons from default ubuntu icon set... plz any idea where the problem is? i tryied to change names of those icons and i used name from icon thene that worked well. But the package become useless and unreadable. Sry for my english:) thx bye - May 12 2008
Lucigence Desktop

Gnome Screenshots
by simmesimme

9   Feb 18 2011