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Thanks. The package has been working fine and I make sure to check your Github page regularly for updates. The only problem is the repo's huge download size. It would be great if that could be resolved somehow. - Oct 25 2020
I finally submitted the package to the AUR. Please let me know if any changes are to be made. The package is available at - Sep 19 2020
I've created the PKGBUILD file for the theme, but I was wondering what license and dependencies I should put in it, if any. - Sep 17 2020
Definitely. Thank you for your encouraging words. - Sep 15 2020
I have no prior experience whatsoever, but I've decided to create a package for this particular theme myself with guidance from some very helpful people. If everything goes well, I should be able to submit it to the AUR in near future. - Sep 13 2020
This is such a beautiful theme, as are other themes by you. Would it be possible for you to make these themes available as a package/packages for Arch Linux? - Sep 11 2020

Full Icon Themes by nicke 2 comments

Nice theme, but some icons seem to be missing, such as the arrow buttons in Nemo. Also, the Nemo icon on the Cinnamon panel is black on my system. - May 21 2020

GTK3 Themes by wfpaisa 101 comments

That's a shame because it's a beautiful theme. I can only hope there's someone willing to do it.
By the way, could you share your bash PS1 config? - Mar 02 2020

GTK3 Themes by wfpaisa 101 comments

Do you have any plans to include a Cinnamon theme too? - Mar 02 2020
Thanks for the prompt fix. Much appreciated. :) - Feb 28 2020
It's so refreshing to find something totally different from all the flat themes and icons today. Please keep them coming.
I found a minor bug in both Empire and AzenisEX, though. When I bring up the Run dialog with Alt+F2 in Cinnamon, I can't see the text I'm typing. How can I make the text visible?
That being said, thank you for such great work. - Feb 28 2020