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Pascal Brück
RedWolf WebDeveloper Studio

Developers Apps by comtux 14 comments

hi comtux,

you know kdewebdev?

paxcal - Aug 23 2005
KDE Apple-like Expose

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cjacker 30 comments

can't wait for the source too :o)

pascal - Apr 24 2004

System Software by cmorgner 10 comments

I really love this application and use it all the time to monitor some servers.
Ok, i had to rearrange my kicker a bit and that needed some time for me to get used to.
I would love to see the possibility to add more than 10 logfiles.
Also i could imagine that running logviewer in the systray would be nice.

But nevertheless it's quite usable for me.
Thanks a lot for this great work.

Pascal - Feb 07 2004