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Patrick Dreker

System Software by lastnico 117 comments

This opens no new "security hole" in any way. Either the the user is allowed to view the logs, because the permissions on the logfiles say so, or he isn't.

On a server the normal users should not be able to view the logs, and thus root needs to tie down the permissions. No app is going to change that point.

On a desktop the normal user usually also is root. So no problem here, if that normal user is able to check the logfiles.

My point being: The file permissions define, who is able to see the logs and who isn't, not some app. If ksystemlog can read the logs as a normal user, so can "less" in a shell. - Jun 23 2005

System Software by lastnico 117 comments

The user is allowed to view, whatever the FS permissions allow him (or her) to view.

This app doesn't change that in any way. If root is to uncaring to check the permissions on the logs: tough luck.

And being on the "tough" side of being able to view syslogs: Installing webmin and thereby opening another port to the net does *not* qualify as security sensitive?

Geez... - Jun 23 2005

System Software by lastnico 117 comments

Even though I am anything but inexperienced this app definitely fixes one of the most missed features for me...

Just one thing I found: It seems to misparse the following lines from my /var/log/messages file:

May 4 21:04:15 wintermute last message repeated 2 times

(all on one line of course). The log text is displayed in both the process column and the message column (both say "last message repeated 2 times"). Maybe if the process field is missing you should implicitly call the process "syslog" or write "internal message" or something like that... The same probably goes for the syslog "*MARK*" messages, which are written to the log every 20 minutes here, to indicate, that syslogd is alive and running. These message also do not have a "process" field in the logs.

Otherwise: great stuff! I was just about to look into doing something similar with PyKDE... :-)

I have some more ideas, how to improve the UI of the app (multiple tabs for multiple logs instead of the toolbar buttons, user definable categories (what is syslog, daemon log etc. right now) and user selectable parsers (needed for customizable groups)). I'll just have a look at the source now... - May 05 2005

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by nightwriter 6 comments

I think the point behind those request may actually be, to have the image provided at a high resolution, so one only has to scale *down* and not up, which usually makes the image blurry.

But I agree that's not a really big problem with images larger or equal to 1024x768...

Patrick - Jan 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 19 comments

PNG compression is lossless...

Patrick - Jun 15 2004
KFile-Cert plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lzeit 3 comments


Are you going to submit htis for inclusion in future KDE releases?

Patrick - Jun 14 2004

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 4 comments

Hi there...

Nice model, but you definitely need to turn up the Reflection/Refraction Recursion Limit to remove the rendering errors at the bottom...

What do you use to render the image?

Patrick - Jun 14 2004
MahJongg 3D Solitaire

Board by RetoSchoelly 28 comments

Very cool, indeed...
seems like I've found a new favourite waste of time... ;-)

Patrick - May 11 2004

Utilities by trueg 227 comments

More useful will be simply setting the timestamp of the files to current time:

find . -exec touch \{\} \;

in the k3b source dir...

Patrick - Mar 29 2004
Change konsole session name

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mrthc 11 comments

I am not the original poster, but I think what he means is that only the last 3 components of the path should be used to rename the konsole session.

I have a rather deep directory structure here and using your script would sometimes rename my konsole session to e.g. "~/Desktop/Development/Debian/Packages/somepackage-1.2.3/debian" which is a little bit too long to be really useful (the tabs become really wide)...

Using only the last 2 or 3 components the session would be renamed to "Packages/somepackage-1.2.3/debian" or "somepackage-1.2.3/debian". Still rather long but better than the aforementioned name ;-)

One usually knwos where approximately one is in one's own dir structure, so one only needs a short reminder which session is where. The complete path is uneccessary IMO... - Mar 25 2004
KeramikAqua Theme for T610

Various Stuff by tagwar 7 comments

Just one minor thing:
the "T610" in the "window titlebar" is often superimposed by the status icons (profile, signal strength, bluetooth etc.), which just looks "wrong"...

I would either leave the T610 text out completely or move it further to the right, so that 3 status icons can go in the bar before they overwrite the text (I often have signal strength, bluetooth and the "nonstandard profile" indicator there, which makes the text unreadable...)

Otherwise: very nice, my new standard theme...

Patrick - Mar 09 2004
WhiteN'RedCurve Wallpaper 1280x1024

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 15 comments

yeah, exactly like that...

you rock ;-) Now, for the other ones (The ones with the slighter curve)?

Patrick - Feb 03 2004
WhiteN'RedCurve Wallpaper 1280x1024

Wallpaper Other by sbrown1038 15 comments

Actually a transparent version (everything currently red ist transparent, with the patterns on top) would enable everyone to cretae their favorite color combo from the controlcenter...

Just my 2 eurocent...

Patrick - Jan 31 2004

Various Artwork by artur 25 comments

Hi there...

Nice logo I like it (No vote yet... I am waiting for more entries...), but one question: Do you plan to release the vector sources (what format are they in?)? Otherwise the PNG is too small for anything (Wallpaper, T-Shirt etc.) and the license (GPL) doesn't really make sense without the source...

Patrick - Jan 13 2004
Porsche splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jedrek 3 comments

Just 15 Minutes ago I d/led the Porsche Wallpapers and Sounds for the Carrera GT. Seems like this makes a nice addition to that... 8)

Patrick - Jun 01 2003
TuxLuvPC (without the bubble)

Wallpaper Other by esens 4 comments

Just replace the resolution in the filename by 1024x768 and you'll get the right one.

Just a workaround

Patrick - Apr 11 2003

Wallpaper Other by esens 3 comments

and even more if it actually was 1280x1024 like the category says, and not 1024x768...

Patrick - Apr 10 2003

Wallpaper Other by esens 3 comments

but I think I'd like it even more without the heart in the bubble...

Patrick - Apr 10 2003
Cartoon emoticons for Kmess

Icon Sub-Sets by jujubinche 10 comments

I just put your emoticon set into kopete's emoticon directory. After renaming regular.png to smile.png and omg.png to oh.png I can use them.

Cool artwork. I really like them...

Patrick - Oct 27 2002