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Pedro Prez Santa Fe, Argentina
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Plasma 4 Extensions by sifcenter 68 comments

i get this error

CMake Error: This project requires some variables to be set,
and cmake can not find them.
Please set the following variables:

what i need for fix this?

thanks and sorry for my english - Apr 30 2008
Katapult-Fast Track

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dilettante 81 comments

i have this problem when i want to compile

peter@peter-laptop:~/downloads/katapult-fasttrack-0.1.2$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$KDEDIR -DREALTRANSPARENCY=1

CMake Error: Error in cmake code at
Unknown CMake command "KDE3_AUTOMOC".
-- Configuring done

which is the problem?

thanks! - Jul 18 2007
Suse Linux Sticker

Icon Sub-Sets by anubisg1 3 comments

hi!!! hi like your design of stickers not have file for change? svg or gimp file?

i want to do my sticker of my kubuntu for my laptop

thanks! ;) - Jul 18 2007